List Of Banned Cosmetics In Uganda

List Of Banned Cosmetics In Uganda

What is classed as cosmetic?

A “cosmetic product” shall mean any substance or mixture intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, hair system, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a view exclusively or mainly to cleaning.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has put out a list of up to 150 skin products that have been banned in the country.

The products, which include creams, soaps and lotions are said to contain cancer causing chemicals Hydroquinone and Mercury.

Both chemicals have been described by medical experts as carcinogens, which means that they are capable of causing cancer to living tissues.

Majority of the banned products, both locally made and imported were found containing hydroquinone, a depigmenting agent which in effect decreases the formation of melanin in the skin.

Last week, UNBS officials together with Police led an operation in the city center in which they raided different outlets of Sure Deal Cosmetics, where a number of employees were arrested and boxes of cosmetics.

Victoria Namutebi, the UNBS Spokesperson says while Sure Deal was earlier nabbed and fined for using deadly ingredients and fined, it was recently discovered that they continued to use the same chemicals.

“We just realized that this time she is using the same ingredients and she’s not labeling it on the product. We did a lab test and most of her creams tested positive,” she said.

The banned skin products are listed below


1. Maxi Claire beauty cream  

2. Rapid White

3. Caro Light

4. Carro 7

5. Djarabi

6. Clairmen

7. Skin light

8. Caro Liss

9. Citro Light

10. Top clair plus

11. L’abidjanaise

12. Mekako

13. Bio 21 Jours

14. Cocoderm

15. Rico

16. Maxi light

17. Pure White

18. Princess

19. C & G

20. Extra Toning

21. Butone

22. Carotone

23. Sivo Clair

24. Extra Cream

25. Yes To

26. Rejuvenating Cream

27. Mic

28. Touch and Clear

29. Caro skin

30. Viva Super Lemon

31. Ultra Skin Tone

32. Ikb Medicated Cream

33. Princess Patra Luxury Complexion Cream

34. Fade – Out

35. Crusader Skin Toning Cream

36. Envi Skin Toner

37. Palmer`s Skin Success (pack)

38. Tura Bright & Even Cream

39. Zarina Medicated Skin Lightener

40. Fair & white Active Lightening

41. Claire Cream

42. Ambi Special Complexion

43. Fair & White Whitening

44. Miki Beauty Cream

 45. Lolane Cream

46. Fair & White Strong Bleaching Treatment Cream

47. Peau Claire Crème Eclaircissante

48. Glotone Complexion Cream

49. Fair & white Body Clearing milk

50. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk

51. Nindola Cream

52. Maxi – Tone fade

53. Tura Skin Toning Cream

54. Tonight Night Beauty Cream

55. Nadinola Fade

56. Madonna Medicated Beauty

57. Fulani Cream Eclaircissante Cream

58. Clear Essence Medicated fade

59. Mrembo Medicated Beauty Cream

60. Clere Lemon Cream

 61. Ultra Skin Tone

62. Shirley Cream

63. Clere Extra Cream

64. Fade – Out

65. Kiss – Medicated Beauty Cream

66. Binti Jambo Cream

67. Palmer`s Skin Success (pack)

68. UNO21 Cream

69. Malaika Medicated Beauty Cream

70. Fair & white Active Lightening

71. Crusader Ultra Brand Cream

72. Dear Heart with Hydroquinone Cream

73. Fair & White Whitening

74. Ultime Skin Lightening Cream

75. Nish Medicated Cream

76. Fair & White Strong Bleaching Treatment Cream

77. Rico Skin Tone Cream

78. Island Beauty Skin Fade Cream

79. Fair & white Body Clearing milk

80. Baraka Skin Lightening Cream

81. Malibu Medicated Cream

82. Maxi – Tone fade 83. Fairlady Skin Lightening Cream 84. A3 Tripple action Cream Pearl Light

85. Nadinola Fade

86. Immediat Claire Lightening Body Cream

87. Elegance Skin Lightening Cream

88. Symba crème Skin Lite ‘N’ Smooth

89. Mr. Clere Cream

90. Cleartone Skin Toning Cream

91. No Mark Cream

92. Clear Touch Cream

93. Ambi Extra Complexion Cream for men

94. Crusader Ultra Brand Cream

95. Cleartone Extra Skin Toning Cream

96. Ultime Skin Lightening Cream

97. O`Nyi Skin Crème

98. Rico Skin Tone Cream


1. Tamarin

2. Camee

3. Extra Clair lightening Body Lotion

4. Yes To 5.

White Express

6. Precieux Treatment Beauty Lotion

7. Jaribu Skin Lightening Lotion

8. Clear Touch Lotion

9. Super Max – Tone Lotion

10. Caroderm

11. Shiny

12. Amira Skin Lightening lotion

13. L’abidjanaise

14. Meti’cee

15. A3 Cleartouch Complexion Lotion

16. Djarabi

17. Beauty oil Abana

18. A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Lotion

19. Caroliss

20. Peau Claire Body

21. Extra Clair lightening Body Lotion

22. Caro Top lotion

23. Reine Clair Rico Super Body

24. Precieux Treatment Beauty Lotion

25. Top lemon

26. Immediate Claire Maxi – Beauty

23. Amira Skin Lightening lotion

27. Bio liss

28. Tura Lotion

24. A3 Cleartouch Complexion

25. Kiss Lotion

26. Princess Lotion

27. Jaribu Skin Lightening Lotion

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