List Of Betting Companies In Tanzania

List Of Betting Companies In Tanzania

Betting Operator means any company or other undertaking that promotes, brokers, arranges or conducts any form of Betting activity in relation to the Sport.

List Of Betting Companies In Tanzania

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Sports Betting in Tanzania

Tanzanians have diversity when it comes to betting markets. Most of the sportsbooks in Tanzania cover different sports, providing bettors with many options. Putters can bet on any popular sport in Tanzania. The common sports include:

  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Athletic events
  • Baseball

These sports have different markets, which include:

  • Premier League
  • Olympics
  • MLB
  • FIFA
  • WCB
  • NBA
  • IBF
  • UEFA and other small leagues.

History of Sports Betting in Tanzania

Sports betting in Tanzania did not start now. Like many other African countries, they have a long history in sports betting. Legal betting started with the Investment Promotion and Protection Act that was passed in 1992.

Betting in Tanzania started to be regulated by the government in 2003. The government established the Gaming Act of Tanzania to ensure there is a fair operation between the parties. Tanzania was one of the first countries in Africa to legalize online betting in 2012. In 2016, they set more regulations.

Today, Tanzanian sports betting contributes to 3.5% of the country’s annual GDP. Sports betting became popular when Mbwana Samantha was signed by Aston Villa English Football club.

After sports betting legalization in 2012, there are about 22 licensed betting sites in the country and many new sites will be available in future. Another thing that has contributed to the increase in the number of sports bettors is mobile compatibility. This allows many people in Tanzania to participate when using the best apps.

In reference to information provided by the Gaming Board of Tanzania, over 30 million TZS has been generated since they introduced online sportsbooks.

What betting companies are licensed in Tanzania?

The most popular betting sites in Tanzania are Betpawa, Mbet, 22bet, Betway, Premierbet and SportPesa. The distinctions come because of a lot of reasons. For example, Betpawa and Mbet require very low minimum stake to bet and thus allow many customers to participate.