List Of Biggest Tribe In Uganda

List Of Biggest Tribe In Uganda

Uganda is an east African nation that shares borders with Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The earliest inhabitants of the area were hunter-gatherers. This lifestyle was slowly replaced by the arrival of the Bantu-speaking peoples between 1,700 and 2,300 years ago. Today, the population of Uganda is approximately 37.8 million and made up of various ethnic groups. Some of the largest of these groups in this country are discussed below.

List Of Biggest Tribe In Uganda


The largest ethnic group in Uganda is the Baganda. People of Baganda origin make up 16.9% of the population. The Baganda belong to the Bantu ethnic family and likely settled in the area between 1000 BC and 500 AD with the Bantu migration out of west Africa. The traditional language of this group is Luganda, belonging to the Niger-Congo language family. Culturally, they practice patrilineal descent. Several related lineages make up a clan. Today, there are 52 recognized Baganda clans in Uganda.


The second largest ethnic group is the Banyankole, which makes up 9.5% of the population. The Banyankole primarily reside in the southwestern region of Uganda. They traditionally speak a Bantu language called Runyankole. The primary economic activity of the Banyankole is raising cattle. Today, the majority of these individuals practice Christianity, although the customary belief in ancestor spirits continues.


The Basoga ethnic group makes up 8.4% of the population, which makes them the third largest ethnic group. Their traditional language is Soga, belonging to the Bantu language family. Land was owned by clans and managed by the head of the clan. Ownership could not pass to another clan The Basoga, today, inhabit the area east of the Baganda kingdom

Other ethnic groups within Uganda can be found in the table below.

Ethnic Diversity

As mentioned above and illustrated in the chart below, Uganda has a high degree of ethnic diversity. In fact, the country is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. It is home to more than 40 indigenous ethnic groups, each of which have their own culture, language, and customs.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Uganda

Rank Ethnic Group Share of Contemporary Ugandan Population
1 Baganda 16.9%
2 Banyankole 9.5%
3 Basoga 8.4%
4 Bakiga 6.9%
5 Iteso 6.4%
6 Langi 6.1%
7 Acholi 4.7%
8 Bagisu 4.6%
9 Lugbara 4.2%
Other Groups 32.3%

What is the smallest ethnic group in Uganda?

The mountain slopes are home to the IK people, the smallest ethnic group in Uganda, with their own unique culture.

Which is the best tribe in Uganda?

1 Baganda. The Baganda who live in central Uganda in districts around the capital Kampala are considered to be one of the most friendly and welcoming tribes in Uganda.

2 Batooro.

3 Banyankole.

4 Basoga.



The IK.


Which is the poorest tribe in Uganda?

Being among the poorest populations in one of the poorest nations, Uganda, the Batwa people face extreme poverty in their everyday life. Once known to live in the depths of the African forests as one of the oldest indigenous tribes in the continent, they now reside in town slums.

Which tribe in Uganda belongs to the hamites?

Nilohamites Nilohamites include Teso, Karamojong, Kumam, Kakwa, Sebei, Pokot, Labwor and the Tepeth, Lugbara, Madi and the Lendu. This group of people can be seen in the eastern part of Uganda and they possess more Hamite characteristics than Nilotic characteristics. The bahima are part of the ethnic group of the Hamites.