List Of British In Uganda

List Of British In Uganda

Sir Harry Cordeaux (also Commissioner)

Sir Frederick Jackson

Sir Robert Coryndon

Sir Geoffrey Archer

Sir William Gowers

Sir Bernard Henry Bourdillon

Sir Philip Mitchell

Sir Charles Dundas

Sir John Hathorn Hall

Sir Andrew Cohen

Sir Frederick Crawford

Sir Walter Coutts (also Governor-General)

How long were the British in Uganda?

History of Uganda

Early historypre-1894
British rule1894–1962
Early independence1962–1963
First Republic1963–1971
Second Republic1971–1979

Who composed Uganda anthem?

George Wilberforce Kakoma”Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty” is the Uganda National Anthem. \r\n It was adopted in 1962 with words and music composed by George Wilberforce Kakoma.

What was Uganda called before independence?

Uganda Protectorate (1894–1962)

What bird adorns the center of the flag of Uganda?

crested crane national flag consisting of six horizontal stripes of black, yellow, and red, with a central white disk bearing a crested crane.