List Of CAOS In Uganda

List Of CAOS In Uganda

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a company and is in charge of specific departments (such as finance, HR, and sales), reporting directly to the CEO and board of directors. As such, the CAO is often known as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Here are the List Of CAOS In Uganda

NO District Name Title Mobile Email Address

2 ABIM Ofwono Emmanuel Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) 772446803

3 ABIM OCHERO ALIDOUS OVCMIS focal person 772975445

4 ABIM Lammy Oyollo District Community Development Officer (DCDO) 0772858609 , 0757118504

5 ABIM Akech Grace In charge CFPU 774551194

6 ABIM Katuramu Robert District Police Commander (DPC) 781405168

7 ABIM OYUGI DAVID Other 786101311

8 ABIM Okello Alfred Probation Officer 0774451446 , 0784419765

9 Adjumani Mawadri Ramadhan Drami Probation and Social Welfare Officer (PSWO) 0772841354 , 0772841354

10 Adjumani Moini Fred Planner 0772370866 , 0791755787

11 Agago Mulondo Robert Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) 774383827

12 Agago Ojok Geoffrey District Community Development Officer

(DCDO) 0773436511/0758491898

13 Agago Lakony Lino Planner 772527150

14 Agago Lakomekech Nancy Probation Officer 774383827

15 Alebtong Auma Dorcas Vicky District Community Development Officer

(DCDO) 0773535685/0751535685

16 Alebtong Oketayot Christopher James Deputy CAO 772461866

17 Alebtong Okabo Pius Probation Officer 782561639

18 Alebtong Ogwal Paulino OVCMIS focal person 783933703

19 Alebtong Abdulnoor Mbaagwa Muwonge Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) 0392178347 , 0772663215

20 Alebtong Owera John Bosco District Population Officer 772751402

21 Alebtong Akullo Beatrice In charge CFPU 771687426

22 Alebtong Ocan Morrish Planner 774006073

23 Alebtong Kissa Denish Other 0772673509 , 0772331941

24 Alebtong Dr. Noki Charles Other 0772673509 , 0772673509

25 Alebtong Dr. Odung Tonny Other 755087283

26 AMOLATAR Pius Epaju Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) 0772637677 , 0757266234

27 AMOLATAR Otile Patrick District Community Development Officer

(DCDO) 0772332679 , 0751332679

28 AMOLATAR Okwel Aria James OVCMIS focal person 0775309763 , 0775309763

29 AMOLATAR Olwa David Sheldrick Probation and Social Welfare Officer (PSWO) 0772459933 , 0756023325

30 AMOLATAR David Ogwal Obia Planner 772845749

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What is the role of chief administrative officer in Uganda?

Key Duties and

proper use and accountability for Council resources. Government. Departments in the application of the relevant laws and policies. transparency in the management and delivery of Council services.

How do you become a CAO?

To become a chief administrative officer (CAO), you need the right educational credentials, a broad-based background in business operations, and a number of years experience working with different business departments. The CAO is responsible for the daily operations of the company.

What is the difference between CAO and CEO?

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO or COO) is the second-in-command under the CEO. The CAO helps carry out tasks that have become too much for the CEO to handle by themselves. As such, it is crucial to have someone the CEO can fully trust in this position.

How much does a chief administrative officer earn in Uganda?

Ministry of Local Government Uganda Salary FAQs

The salary trajectory of a Chief Administrative Officer ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at UGX 46,349 per year and goes up to UGX 78,445 per year for the highest level of seniority.