List Of Catholic Priest In Uganda

List Of Catholic Priest In Uganda

A priest is someone who is authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God specifically : an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Roman Catholic clergyperson ranking below a bishop and above a deacon.

Here are the List Of Catholic Priest In Uganda

Bp. Joseph Eciru Oliach

Phone : 0783243968

Address: Soroti

Fr. Abachu Stephen Jerome

Phone : 0782700087

Fr. Achedu Patrick

Address: Anyara

Phone: 0774772592

Fr. Adou Stephen

Address: Koloin/ Social Comm.

Phone: 0775986956

Fr. Aeko Bernard Martin

Address: Treasury

Phone: 0772618900

Fr. Agelu Jerome

Address: Soroti University / Health

Phone: 0753491570

Fr. Agit Henry

Address: Madera

Phone: 0779969435

Fr. Aisu John Paul

Address: Kidetok / CFC

Phone: 0782426859

Fr. Ajuret Fabian

Address: TCA

Phone: 0772594863

Fr. Akepa Lawrence

Address: Kumi

Phone: 0777175887

Fr. Alucha Emmanuel




Fr. Angiro Israel



Fr. Aporu Charles

Address: Kamod

Phone: 0772586007

Fr. Apuri Moses

Address: Ngora

Phone: 0782323961

Fr. Asima Denis

Address: Ngora

Phone: 0392964012

Fr. Auki Kalemba

Address: Aminit-Amuda

Phone: 0785322557

Fr. Ebeu Lawrence

Address: Usuk

Phone: 0772525714

Fr. Ebietu Samuel Echelu

Address: Wera

Phone: 0782277999

Fr. Ebiju Paul

Address: Abeko

Phone: 0777235907

Fr. Ebwolu Paul

Address: Olio – Translation

Phone: 0772855635

Fr. Ecogu Robert

Address: UMVI / Vicar General

Phone: 0772637063

Fr. Edep Patrick

Address: Alwa

Phone: 0782065823

Fr. Eilu Joseph

Address: Atutur

Phone: 0772984405

Fr. Ekwenyu Paul

Address: Ogelak

Phone: 0774351073

Fr. Elungat Leonard

Address: Katine

Phone: 0772491920

Fr. Elweu Simon

Phone: 0774206121

Fr. Enyasu Cosmas

Address: Kyere

Phone: 0775118741

Fr. Epieru Augustine

Address: Madera – Translation

Phone: 0788042448

Fr. Eragu Hilary

Address: Teso College Chaplaincy

Phone: 0774984978

Fr. Eriau John

Address: Koloin/ Vicar for Religious

Phone: 0772689701

Fr. Etwap Romanus

Address: Immaculate Conception


Fr. Imalingat Paul Benedict

Address: Olio


Fr. Iriso Stephen

Address: Amucu


Fr. Itiamat James

Address: Opunoi

Phone: 0784070700

Fr. Kayaye Francis

Address: Education Secretary


Fr. Mukasa David

Address: Ochero

Phone: 0783895027

Fr. Obelekek Simon Peter

Address: Madera Seminary


Fr. Obore Frederick

Address: Madera Seminary / VD

Phone: 0774294409

How many Catholic archdioceses are in Uganda?


There are four of these provinces or archdioceses in Uganda; Kampala, Mbarara and Tororo and Gulu.

Who is the youngest Catholic bishop in Uganda?

Paul Ssemogerere (born 30 June 1956) is a Roman Catholic prelate who serves as the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala. He was appointed to this position by Pope Francis on 9 December 2021.