List Of Charity Organizations In Uganda

List Of Charity Organizations In Uganda

A charitable organization is a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance some public benefit. Public benefit includes a broad range of areas such as education, poverty alleviation, scientific research, environment, diversity, religion, and health.

Below are the List Of Charity Organizations In Uganda

Love Uganda Foundation-Volunteer In Uganda-Orphanage

Address: Plot 1490, After Kubbiri Roundabout, Gayaza -Kampala Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0772 633920

Firdous Charity Organisation

Address: Ndejje Kibutika, Kampala

Phone: 0702 318127

Uganda Children’s Charity Foundation

Address: Way NtindaMartyrs’ Way, Martyrs’ Way, Kampala

Phone: 041 4532191

Emmaus Foundation Uganda

Address: Lakeside College Luzira, Mutungo, Road, Plot 1039,, Kampala

Phone: 039 3222379

Uganda Hands for Hope

Address: Kayongo Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0704 934341

2Hands Foundation Uganda

Address: Kampala

Phone: 0781 770096

Straight Talk Foundation

Address: Plot 4 Sixth St, Kampala

Phone: 041 4533277

Joy for Children Uganda

Address: Plot 349 Nsimbiziwoome, Bukoto Kampala-Uganda

Phone: 0758 133963


Address: 9H6C+QV7, Kawempe-Tula Road, Kampala

Phone: 0755 934426

Christian Acts of Charity Uganda. – cacu

Address: Baza Street, Kampala

Phone: 0750 645504

Moha Charity Uganda

Address: BMK House, Kampala

Volunteer and charity in Uganda

Address: Kampala – Entebbe Rd, Kajjansi

Phone: 0785 181634

Hope for Better Future

Address: Plot 18 / P.O. Box 71980 Bukoto St, Kampala

Youth For Charity Missions International (Yofochm)

Address: 8J6P+MPP, Port Bell Rd, Kampala

Phone: 039 2839977

Salaama foundation Uganda

Address: 8HWH+5WM, Mawanda Rd, Kampala

Uganda Youth Network

Address: 55A Kimera Rd, Kampala

Phone: 039 3276944


Address: 8G2J+4Q2, Kampala

What organizations are helping Uganda?

Top Organisations to Volunteer for in Uganda

  • ActionAid International Uganda. Building.
  • Oxfam. Building.
  • 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation. Building.
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Zoo.
  • FIDA Uganda. Building.
  • Writivism. Building.
  • CARE International in Uganda. Building.
  • The Uganda National NGO Forum. Building.

How can I help people in Uganda?

You can create change that lasts a lifetime for children in Uganda – in so many ways.

  1. Donate. Support Save the Children’s mission. Donate to help children in Uganda and around the world grow up healthy, educated and safe.
  2. Sponsor a Child in Uganda. Be the hero in the life of a Ugandan child.
  3. Shop Gift Catalog.

How many orphanages are in Uganda?

As a result of the economic and social struggles in Uganda, a number of unregulated orphanages have emerged, taking advantage of the situation. With over 300 unregulated orphanages, these systems have become an exploitative method to gain foreign donations.