List Of Climatology Schools In Uganda

List Of Climatology Schools In Uganda

Climatology or climate science is the scientific study of Earth’s climate, typically defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of at least 30 years. This modern field of study is regarded as a branch of the atmospheric sciences and a subfield of physical geography, which is one of the Earth sciences. Climatology now includes aspects of oceanography and biogeochemistry.

Here are the List Of Climatology Schools In Uganda

Kampala International University, Uganda

National Meteorological Training School

Makerere University

What are the four climatic regions of Uganda?

Save the semi-arid to arid areas in the north-east, one or two semi-arid to semi-humid rain shadow zones in the west and the semi-arid region east of Lake Edward, Uganda mainly experiences a wet-dry tropical climate, with the south-west forests becoming tropically moist.

Which climatic region covers the largest part of Uganda?

Uganda has a warm tropical climate with temperatures falling in the 25–29°C (77–84°F) range on an average.

How is climate change affecting Uganda?

Uganda has mostly a tropical climate characterized by stable rainfall patterns. However, the effects of climate change have turned the seasons around with the country experiencing shorter or longer rains and harsher droughts – especially in the eastern and north-eastern Uganda.

What is the biggest meteorological Centre in Uganda?

Location. UNMA maintains its headquarters at 21/28 Port Bell Road, in the neighborhood of Luzira, in the Nakawa Division of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. This is about 9.5 kilometres (6 mi), by road, southeast of the city center.