List Of Computer Science Schools In Uganda

List Of Computer Science Schools In Uganda

Computer science (CS) is the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their applications, and their impact on society. Computer science combines the principles of engineering, mathematics and science to study and develop computers, networks, hardware, software, databases and much more. Because of that, there is a wide range of potential careers within the field, from software engineering to computer programming or system analysis.

Here are the List Of Computer Science Schools In Uganda

  • Makerere University.
  • Aptech Computer Training.
  • Kampala International University.
  • Uganda Technology and Management University.
  • Kyambogo University.
  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology.
  • Clarke International University.
  • Kampala University.
  • Cavendish University Uganda.
  • Victoria University.
  • Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Bugema University.
  • St. Lawrence University.
  • St. Augustine University.
  • Uganda Christian University.
  • Uganda Martyrs University.
  • ISBAT University Kampala.
  • Nkumba University.
  • Ndejje University.
  • Gulu University.
  • Soroti University.
  • The International University of East Africa.
  • Metropolitan International University.
  • Rainbow International School.
  • GEMS Cambridge International School. And finally,
  • Kampala Parent’s School.

Diploma Programs

1. Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering (TE)
2. Diploma in Computer Technology (CT)
3. Diploma in Information Technology for Science (ITS)
4. Diploma in Information Technology for Business (ITB)

Certificate Program
1. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology

Diploma Programs
1. Diploma in Business Administration
2. Diploma in Human Resource Management
3. Diploma in Project Planning and Management
4. Diploma in Records & Archives Management
5. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
6. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Certificate Programs
1. Certificate in Business and Management Studies
2. Certificate in Library and Information Science

Is IPMC a tertiary institution?

Tertiary institutions include a University, University College, and Post-Secondary Diploma awarding institution, Professional body awarding Certificates or Diplomas or Professional Training Institution.

What is NIIT computer course?

NIIT’s computer science diploma program too is turning students into professionals, who employers can bank on from Day 1. The company has developed a special curriculum for its diploma in computer courses that enable students to gain in-depth knowledge of all critical concepts of technology, soft skills and grooming.

How many subjects are there in computer science?

Undergraduate Courses usually include programming, algorithms and data structures, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks, parallel computing, embedded systems, algorithms design, circuit analysis and electronics, digital logic and processor design, computer graphics, scientific computing.

What is the tuition for Computer Science at Makerere University?

3,024,000 Uganda Shillings per year

The tuition fee for privately sponsored students is 3,024,000 Uganda Shillings per year for Ugandans and 4,536,000 Uganda Shillings per year for non-Ugandans. For purposes of computing weighted points, the A-level subjects shall be grouped and weighted as per the University weighting system.

How long is a diploma in computer science in Uganda?

two years

Course Overview

It enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in computer science and related engineering. It is offered for aperiod of two years