List Of Developed Districts In Uganda

List Of Developed Districts In Uganda

Below are the List Of Developed Districts In Uganda


East Central (Busoga)

Eastern (Bukedi, Bugisu, Teso)

Southwest (Ankole, Kigezi)

Western (Bunyoro, Toro)

West Nile sub-region

North (Karamoja, Lango, Acholi)

RankCityRegionEffective Date
1KampalaCentral9 October 1962
2Fort PortalWestern1 July 2020
3AruaNorthern1 July 2020
4GuluNorthern1 July 2020
5JinjaEastern1 July 2020
6MbararaWestern1 July 2020
7MbaleEastern1 July 2020
8MasakaCentral1 July 2020
9HoimaWestern1 July 2020
10EntebbeCentral1 July 2022
11LiraNorthern1 July 2020
12KabaleWestern1 July 2023
13MorotoNorthern1 July 2023
14NakasongolaCentral1 July 2023
15WakisoCentral1 July 2023
16SorotiEastern1 July 2020

What is the poorest district in Uganda?

Africa. A Ugandan living in Kagadi District is 57 times poorer than a person living in Wakiso District. This is according to the estimates of personal incomes reached during a study supported by the American government. The study is entitled “Estimating District GDP in Uganda”.

Which is the smallest district in Uganda?


Kampala is the smallest district in Uganda and yet carries the biggest population.

How many districts make up Kampala city?

five boroughs

Kampala district of Uganda is divided into five boroughs including Kampala central division, Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Rubaga division; these are the major administrative constituencies of Kampala district.