List Of Districts In Uganda Crossed By The Equator

List Of Districts In Uganda Crossed By The Equator

Equator Experience in Uganda is a stopover trip as travelers head to western Uganda at the Equator line landmarks so that they can engage in some tours of the place.  The Equator is an imaginary line which divides the earth into two halves which are the northern and southern hemisphere.

The Equator is marked zero degrees latitude. At Kayabwe the equator landmark has the north and south poles showing where the equator crosses as well as the division of the earth’s hemispheres.

The equator is one of the well-known landmarks of Uganda. Locations, where the equator landmark can be seen, include Kayabwe, Mpigi district and Kasese. 

The equator also crosses Kasese near Queen Elizabeth national park. this makes it convenient for tourists who are visiting Queen Elizabeth national park to make stopovers and engage in the different activities at the equator.

The time for the sun to set and rise at the equator is the fastest on earth since it takes a short time to shift from day time to night time which means that the sunrise and sunset are faster compared to other locations that are not crossed by the equator.

The equator site has a lot of potentials to attract more visitors who usually stay for a shorter time at this site. The equator is said to experience the equinox twice a year which is in the month of March and also in September. An equinox is an astronomical event when the sun is overhead the equator.

The equinox phenomenon explains why the day and night time periods are the same length. The nature of climate experienced at the equator is tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year making it hard to differentiate between seasons. 

Activities around the equator

The equator is a stopover location for many tourists visiting the western region of Uganda and there are different activities that take place at the equator which include visiting the craft stalls to see and admire local arts and crafts, photography, interacting with the local community among others.

The craft stalls are managed by the local community which consists of the Baganda people who use local materials such as papyrus for weaving the baskets in certain patterns, local beads for making jewelry such as bangles, necklaces and bracelets.

Other souvenirs sold in the craft shops at the equator include African print clothes, paintings, sculptures among others. A number of restaurants are also constructed around Kayabwe where the equator crosses and they serve food for tourists visiting the equator. 

How to get to the equator

Kayabwe is about 72 km from Kampala the Capital city of Uganda and is therefore convenient for tourists headed in the western region of Uganda using the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara highway.

Public transport means such as buses are also available from Kampala to the western part of the country where the equator can be seen.

Which district is equator in Uganda?

Mpigi district

Uganda is one of the few countries around the world where the Equator runs through it. And here in Uganda, the best place to explore the Equator is in Kayabwe town in Mpigi district approximately only 72km from Kampala which is 2 driving hours.

Is Masaka crossed by the equator?

At Kayabwe, the Equator crosses the Kampala – Masaka highway and making it an easy stop for some equator science experiences and experiments. It has become a popular stop for anyone going to visit the popular national parks of western Uganda.

Is Lake Victoria crossed by the equator?

The lake lies at an altitude of 1,135 m. a.s.l., and is crossed by the equator; these are two important facts influencing the climate. Its area is 68,000 km 2 which constitutes about 26% of the morphological depression basin of 263,000 km 2.