List Of Driving Schools In Uganda

List Of Driving Schools In Uganda

Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a motor vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. Permission to drive on public highways is granted based on a set of conditions being met and drivers are required to follow the established road and traffic laws in the location they are driving.

Here are the List of Driving Schools In Uganda

Ddembe Driving School Ltd Kampala

Automobile Association of Uganda Kampala

EDS Driving School Kampala

Lakeside Driving School Kampala

Abdul’s Driving School Jinja

Kawerimidde Driving School Kampala

Ruhinda Advanced Driving School Kampala

Bukanga Driving School Kampala

Kampala School of Motoring Kampala

Podrats Kampala

Haji Kizito’s Driving School Masaka

Bemuja Driving School Kampala

Kampala Institute of Driving & Mechanics Kampala

North West Driving School Kampala

Sulaiman Driving School Jinja

Prestige driving school

How much is driving lessons in Uganda?

How much does it cost to get a driving permit in Uganda? Processing full permit, On passing the driving test, the applicant will proceed to process the full permit: Present the stamped learner’s permit. Payment Slip of UGX 150,000 (for 3 years) or UGX 55,000 (for 1 year) for full permit payable to URA.

How long is a driving course in Uganda?

about 4 weeks

How long are the Driving Classes? The training takes about 4 weeks (One Month) theory and Practicals. Practical driving lessons are Monday –Friday for about 45 minutes each session and theory classes are every Saturday from 9am –Midday.

Where can I get my drivers permit in Uganda?

Go to any URA branch; pick the Driver’s license application forms (Form A – Make sure to check box with Driving Permit Exchange and Form B – Medical form). Fill in the form A and take form B to the nearest eye care clinic or hospital for thorough checking on especially the eyes.

List of Registered Driving Schools in Uganda