List Of Elected LC5 In Uganda

List Of Elected LC5 In Uganda

The lowest level is the Local Council I (LC 1 or LC I) and is responsible for a village or, in the case of towns or cities, a neighborhood. The area covered by Local Councils II through IV incorporates several of the next lowest levels, while a Local Council V (LC5) is responsible for the entire district.

Here are the List Of Elected LC5 In Uganda

Jinja City voters preferred a comedian to seasoned politicians. The newly elected Jinja City mayor Alton Okocha Kasolo is an entertainer.

Commonly known as Kasolo in the famous local TV comedian skit, Swengere, the political novice on National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket trounced seasoned politician, the former Kagoma County MP Dr Frank Nabwiso (FDC) and NRM’s Robert Kanusu to the coveted first Jinja City Mayor.

Nabwiso was a very vocal legislator while still in Parliament and was passionate about health and environment issues.

By Friday afternoon, 76 of the 128 chairpersons and city mayors whose victory had been declared by the Electoral Commission (EC), belonged to the ruling NRM.

NUP had 15 winners while independent candidates totalled 17.

FDC had 8, UPC 6, Democratic party (DP) 1, and Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) 1.

NUP’s Rashida Namboowa of Butambala, NRM’s Annet Nandutu of Bulambuli and Jemimah Bekunda of Sheema district triumphed in a male-dominated race.

NUP’s Florence Namayanja beat male contenders in race to scoop the Masaka City mayorship. She becomes the only woman mayor for the 10 cities in the country.

Namayanja is the incumbent MP for Bukoto Central and having been a former Kampala City deputy mayor before becoming an MP put her ahead of other candidates in the race.

It is also believed that being a NUP candidate put her in comfortable lead, with Masaka being one of those NUP strongholds.

How many LCS are in Uganda?

There are six levels of Local Councils. The lowest level is the Local Council I (LC 1 or LC I) and is responsible for a village or, in the case of towns or cities, a neighborhood.

How many constituencies are in Uganda?

In 2016, it was composed of 288 constituency representatives, 121 district woman representatives, ten Uganda People’s Defence Force representatives, five representatives of the youth, five representatives of persons with disabilities, five representatives of workers, and seventeen ex officio members.

Who elects the Speaker of Parliament?

Newly elected Members of Parliament from the Lok Sabha elect the Speaker among themselves. The Speaker should be someone who understands Lok Sabha functions and it should be someone accepted among the ruling and opposition parties.