List Of Electrical Distribution Companies In Uganda

List Of Electrical Distribution Companies In Uganda

Uganda’s Electricity sub-Sector is run under a liberalized set up following its Liberalization in 1997 and the enactment of the Electricity Act, 1999.

The Liberalization and enactment of the Electricity Act, 1999, mandated the unbundling of Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) which was a monopoly managing generation, transmission, distribution, sale, import, and export of Uganda’s Electricity. 

Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry is now regulated under the Electricity Act, 1999, Chapter 145, the Energy Policy, the National Environment Act, Chapter 153, and the Statutory Instruments and Guidelines issued by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA).

The structure of Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry

Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry is divided into Three (3) independent segments:

  1. Generation
  2. Transmission
  3. Distribution

The Generation segment has a combination of the Government of Uganda-owned power plants, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).  The Transmission Segment is wholly owned by the Government of Uganda. The Distribution segment, just like Generation, is also liberalized and has private players, as well as a Government of Uganda-owned Distribution Company – the Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (UEDCL).

Here are the List Of Electrical Distribution Companies In Uganda

Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited

Rwenkuba Electricity Company

Electric Power Generator Uganda

Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society Ltd

Rural Electrification Agency

ERA House

Who distributes electricity in Uganda?


Uganda Electricity Distribution Co.Ltd (UEDCL) that owns and operates the distribution network at 33 kV and below. Uganda Electricity Board (Statutory Corporation) that remained in place in order to wind up. The Government of Uganda adopted the methodology of privatizing UEGCL & UEDCL through long-term concessions.

How many power stations are in Uganda?

Uganda has two (2) Thermal Plants contributing electricity to the national grid; Jacobsen (U) Limited and Electromaxx (U) Limited, each with an installed capacity of 50 MW.

How many electricity dams are there in Uganda?

Not Complete

Hydroelectric power stationCommunityCapacity (megawatts)
Bujagali Power StationBujagali, Buikwe District250
Kabalega Power StationBuseruka, Hoima District9
Kanungu Hydroelectric Power StationKanungu, Kanungu District6.6
Kiira Power StationJinja, Jinja District200