List Of Engineering Consulting Firms In Uganda

List Of Engineering Consulting Firms In Uganda

Engineering Firm. Consulting engineering firms are business concerns involving a partnership of consulting engineers having expertise in different fields. A consulting engineer is an engineer whose advice and knowledge are sought by different companies to execute different projects.

Below are the List Of Engineering Consulting Firms In Uganda

Pearl Engineering Company Ltd

Plot816 Nsambya Road UCA Building, P.O.Box 7553, Kampala

Turquaz Home Decoration

Plot17 First & Second Street , Kampala

Gamma Partnership Ltd.

Plot 15 Bukoto Crescent, Naguru, P.O.Box 6354, Kampala

BB Consults

Plot12 Kimathi Avenue, P.O.Box 23255, Kampala

Gauff Ingenieure

Plot51 Upper Kololo Terrace, P.O.Box 201, Kampala

Professional Engineering Consultants Ltd

Address: 9 Makajja Close, off Ntinda II Rd, Kampala

Gauff Consultants (U)Limited

Phone: 041 4236797

Prome Consultants Ltd

Address: 8HPP+8VG, John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala

Multi-Konsults Ltd.

Phone: 041 4341321

Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers Secretariat

Phone: 0787 274424

MBW Consulting Ltd

Phone: 0701 740800

IMK Engineering Company Ltd.

Phone: 0759 821852

Kagga & Partners Limited

Phone: 041 4220279

Elite Consulting Engineers Ltd

Phone: 031 2102878

Spot Surveyors & Engineering Consultants

Phone: 0782 036862

ICM Consultants

Phone: 041 4269213

Kaburu Okello Consulting Engineers

Phone: 041 4255348


Phone: 041 4530112


Phone: 0772 780008

GMT Consults LTD(GMT)

Phone: 0200 902091

Armstrong Consulting Engineers

Phone: 041 4505621

GEM Enginnering Co.Ltd

Phone: 041 4258380

How much are mechanical engineers paid in Uganda?

The salary range for people working in Uganda in Mechanical Engineering is typically from 606,202.00 UGX (minimum salary) to 1,675,408.00 UGX (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries can vary drastically among different job positions.

How much is a civil engineer paid in Uganda?

A Civil engineers typically earns between USh942,979 and USh2,149,312 net per month at the start of the job. After 5 years of service, this is between USh1,103,220 and USh2,863,385 per month for a working week of 48 hours.

What do mechanical engineers do in Uganda?

Mechanical engineers participate in the planning and manufacturing of new products by performing engineering duties and developing, designing and testing mechanical devices. Job requirements include either a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, a master of science in engineering, or a related degree.