List Of Environmental Organizations In Uganda

List Of Environmental Organizations In Uganda

An environmental organization is an organization coming out of the conservation or environmental movements that seeks to protect, analyse or monitor the environment against misuse or degradation from human forces. In this sense the environment may refer to the biophysical environment or the natural environment.

Here are the List Of Environmental Organizations In Uganda

Environmental Alert (EA)

Address: Plot 475/523, Sonko Road Off Senyonga Road, Kabalagala, Central, Kampala

Phone: 041 4510547

Green Watch

Address: Plot 7 &, 9 Second St, Kampala

Phone: 039 3236151

Climate Resilience

Focusing on integrated and diversified livelihoods resilient to climate and other natural hazards, including adoption of climate-smart farming practices, bioenergy options, ecosystem management and restoration to mitigate climate impacts.

ENR Sustainable Livelihoods

Focusing on conservation of natural ecosystems, restoration of degraded areas and sustaining forests for future generations; sustainable fisheries, mining and farming practices, contributing to livelihoods. Aligned to this will be capacity building of local communities to participate in decision making at local level and demand accountability from duty bearers, and influencing policy for protection of user rights, and co-management of natural resources.

Population, Health and Environment (PHE) integration

To address the complex connections that exist between population dynamics, human health, and environmental conservation by simultaneously improving access to health services while also helping communities manage their natural resources in ways that improve their health and livelihoods and conserve the critical ecosystems that they depend upon.

Renewable Energy and Social Enterprises

Focusing on investment in community based social enterprises in natural resources and renewable energy, achieving trio purpose – contributing to improved livelihoods of the target communities, enhancing environmental protection, and generating resources to fund ECO’s long term community engagement activities. Influencing policies and capacity for 100% renewable energy (RE).

National Environment Management Authority

The National Environment Management Authority of Uganda, is a government agency responsible for the monitoring, coordinating, supervising and regulating the natural environment and the environmental policy of Uganda.

Conservation Through Public Health: Gorilla and Wildlife

Conservation Through Public Health is a non-profit organization based in Uganda and the USA that conducts programs to protect gorillas and other wildlife from human and livestock disease risk; to reduce

Ministry of Water and Environment

The Ministry of Water and Environment, is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for the “sound management and sustainable utilisation of water and environment resources for the betterment of the population of Uganda”. The ministry is headed by Minister Sam Cheptoris.

What Organisations are helping the environment?

  • Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • Environmental Working Group.
  • Greenpeace Fund.
  • Friends of the Earth.
  • Rainforest Alliance.
  • Earthjustice.
  • Ocean Conservancy.