List Of Equity Bank Branches In Uganda

List Of Equity Bank Branches In Uganda

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Are you looking for Equity Bank branches in Uganda? Then you are welcome. Here at The Branch Locator, we are going to list all the Equity Bank branches in all the regions of Uganda. Most of these offices are located in Kampala and the rest are in other locations.

We will not waste much of your time so let’s get to business.

Here is the list of Equity Bank branches in Uganda:


Head Office Building

The head office of the Equity Bank in Uganda is located on Plot 390 on the Muteesa 1 Road. The main office is strategically situated at the heart of the capital city of Uganda, Kampala.

Because Kampala is the business hub of Uganda, the head office will serve so many purposes, including serving the other smaller Equity Bank branches in Kampala and its environs.

The postal address for the head office branch is Post Office Box 10184, Kampala, Uganda.

You can call the Equity Bank head office on the following telephone numbers: 256 312 262 437 or 256 414 531 377


There is another Equity Bank branch in Adjumani, which is the capital of the Adjumani District situated in the Northern region of Uganda. Because of the administrative and economic importance of the Adjumani township, the Equity Bank branch in the area becomes essential for the people in that enclave.

You can visit the Equity branch in Adjumani and have access to all the banking products offered by the bank. You can open a bank account, make deposits or withdrawals, and even register for any of the Equity digital banking products.

If you want to locate this Equity branch in Uganda, then head to Plot 26, on the Wani Road at the Adjumani Town Council.

The postal address for this Equity Bank branch is Post Office Box 10184, Adjumani, Uganda.

If you want to speak with the Equity Bank customer service center at Adjumani, then call this phone number: 256 0772 895 385.


This is another awesome Equity bank branch in Uganda. The Kamwokya branch is located at Plot 49/51 on Bukoto Street in Kamwokya. All the services you need for a smooth banking experience.

The postal address for the Equity Bank branch in Kamwokya is Post Office Box 10184, Kampala, Uganda.

The official phone number for the Kamwokya branch is 256 031 2 264 665.


There is another Equity branch in Bwera on the Mpondwe road. The Mpondwe township is in the Kasese district of the Western region of Uganda.

At this branch, you can do virtually everything you want. You can open an account, be it a Savings account, Group account, or Transactional account.

You can as well make deposits and withdrawals at the Equity Bank branch in Bwera.

The postal address for the Equity Bank branch in Bwera is Post Office Box 10184 Kasese, Uganda.

Call the Bwera branch on this phone number: 256 0782 570 676.


You can find this Equity branch in Lira, which is a town in the Northern part of Uganda. Lira is the main administrative, municipal, and commercial center of the Lira District.

In this city, you can locate the Equity Bank branch at Plot 5/7 on the Soroti road. With Equity Bank, you can utilize personal or business banking products wherever and whenever.

You can apply for Quick loans, enjoy Micro Lending services in addition to digital banking services like Eazzy Banking, ATM services, and the Eazzy 247 banking.

The postal address of the Equity bank Lira branch is Post Office Box 10184 Lira, Uganda.

Call the Equity Bank Lira branch on this telephone number 256 0773 901 444.


This branch is located at Plot 508, on the Hoima Road in Kiboga.

You can visit the bank and make any transaction, and it doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or an existing client, the Equity Bank Staff will treat you like the king or queen you deserve.

The customer service at the banking hall is second to none.

The postal address is P.O. Box 10184, Kiboga, Uganda.

The contact number for the Kiboga branch is 256 362 274 144.


This Equity branch is located along the Gulu Highway, Kizito.

The postal address is Post Office Box 10184, Luwero, Uganda.

The Luwero branch’s contact number is 256 414 610 137.


This is one of the finest Equity Bank branches in Uganda. Jinja is a beautiful city located in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Known for its economic and industrial significance, Jinja has become the hub for most businesses in Uganda.

You can visit the Equity Bank Jinja branch for all your financial needs.

The postal address for the Equity branch is Post Office Box 10184, Jinja, Uganda.

The contact number for the Jinja branch is 256 332 260 128.


At the Mubende Main Street, you can locate the Equity branch where you can make your deposits, withdrawals, create a bank account, apply for a loan, or even register for any of the Equity digital banking services.

The banking hall is so serene that you enjoy a smooth banking experience without any distractions.

The Mubende postal address is Post Office Box 10184, Mubende, Uganda.

Call the Equity Mubende branch on this telephone number: 256 392 847 961.


In a serene area of the capital city of Uganda, Kampala, Katwe is very popular for many reasons. This is an area in the Makindye Division of Kampala, where a lot of businesses have chalked many successes.

The Equity branch in Katwe is located at Plot 390, on the Muteesa I Road, Katwe.

The postal address of the Katwe branch is Post Office Box 10184, Kampala, Uganda.

If you want to call the customer care at the Katwe branch, then use this phone number: 256 0772 895 385.

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How many branches does Equity Bank have in Kampala?

43 branches

Our History. Equity Bank Uganda Limited is one of the fastest growing banks in Uganda, with a large network of 43 branches, 4,434 EquiDuukas, 1,279 POS Terminal and 48 ATMs spread across the country. 17 of these branches are located in Central and greater Kampala, serving over 530,000 customers.