List Of External Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

List Of External Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

What is external recruitment? With external recruitment, businesses source candidates outside of the organization. Job seekers who are not currently employed with the business are hired. Businesses can use a recruiter’s specialized skills and large candidate pool to make finding external applicants easier.

Below are the List Of External Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

Part A;

Alastar Company (U) Ltd

Jobline Consultancy (U) Ltd

Ekisinga Recruitment Company Ltd

Hala Uganda Recruitment Ltd

Overseas Consult Agency Ltd

Suubi Recruitment Company Ltd

Keira Solutions Ltd

Osite Logistics Ltd

Al Meridian Ventures Ltd

Interconnect Overseas Recruitment Ltd

Hebra International Ltd

Al Shaolah Sme Ltd

International Employment Linkages Ltd

Klceja International Ltd

El Barq Recruitment Agency (U) Ltd

Alfranifa Agency Ltd

Rab Recruitment Company Ltd

Verdant Pastures Agency Ltd

Enjaz Limited

Tripai Overseas Limited

Tusano Combined Uganda Ltd

Niles Agency

Swatt Service Limited

Derm Logistics Ltd

Mariba Agencies Ltd

Jag Security Group

Part B;

27. Tenara Global Employment

28. Anajih Agency Ltd

29. Prime Recruitment Company Ltd

30. Infinity stuffing Recruitment Agency Ltd

31. World High End Gate International Ltd

32. Golden Arm Limited

33. Optimal Manpower Placement

34. Transcend Agencies International Limited

35. Rokas Recruitment Limited

36. Advon Service (U) Ltd

37. Forward International Consultants

38. Time Masters Ltd

39. Orone Recruitment Services

40. Saliwa Recruitment Agency Ltd

41. Amiyal Sefer Limited

42. Runtowm Agencies Ltd

43. Polar Management (U)Ltd

44. Greener Pastures Ltd

45. Hays Recruitment Experts

46. Bizaat Labour Consultant

47. Dream Connect Limited

48. VBC Labour Experts

49. Workways Limited Company

50. Protectorate S.PC (U) Ltd

Part C;

51. Harchar International Labour Ageney

52. Shukran Habib Consultants Ltd

53. Mafaz Recruitment Ltd

54. Rangers Security Ltd

55. Elraz International Recruitment Agency

56. ueheral Services Ltd

57. Al Sultan Recruitment Ltd

58. SCCruitment Agency Ltd

59. erveu international Recruitment Ageney

60. Diarnond Roses Ltd

61. Jeveux D Emploi Enterprises Ltd

62. Labour Worth international Job Ageney

63. Raama Africano (U) Ltd

64. Alsalam LogisticS And Consultancy Ltd

65. Great Lakes HRM Ltd

66. Premier Recruitment Ltd

67. Alka Securitas (U) Ltd

68. Kazi Maters Ltd

69. African Manpower Consult Ltd

70. Ham Property Services And Management Ltd

71. Migration Solutions Ltd

72. Alaskar International Ltd

73. Al Qurashee Co. Ltd

74. Modern Star International Ltd

75. Horeb Services Ltd

76. KHM International Ltd

77. ISAB International Ltd

78. Creative Group International Ltd

79. Alkareb Ltd

80. Taiba Manpower Agency Ltd

81. Six Stars International Ltd

82. Swift International Recruiters Ltd

83. Fresh Mind International Ltd

84. Labour Frontiers International Ltd

85. Al-Madinah Agency ltd

86. Reliable Logicians Uganda Ltd

87. EZVisa Kampala

88. Marhaba Recruitment Agency Ltd

89. The Gideon’s Men Ltd

90. Doxa Connections Ltd

91. Kefura Investments Limited

92. AXIs Warriors Ltd

93. Malisu Apollo Investments

94. Bantu Establishments Ltd

95.True North consult Ltd

96. Trustin Company Ltd

97. EIfirsan Group Ltd

98. Amenvu International Ltd

99. Double Joy tnternatioral Ltd

100. Absolute Labour International Limited.

Part D;

101. Atlas Impex Limited

102. Provio international Ltd

103. Normandy Company Uganda Ltd

104. Global Manpower Solutions (U) Ltd

105. Essential Communications Ltd

106. Bright Star Creations International Ltd

107. Jericho International Uganda Ltd

108. Labour World Connect Ltd

109. Empowerage International Ltd

110.High Ground International Ltd

111. Ebbo Tigers Security Service

112. Afrisun International (U) Ltd

113. Anya International Women & Youth Agencies Ltd

114. Ephraim Agencies Ltd

115. Infinity Recruitment Agency Ltd

116. BM Forex Workers Ltd

117. Supreme Link Ltd

118. Cornell Recruitment Ltd

119. Maximus Expeditions Ltd

120. Spin Labour Consultants

Part E;

121. Awaleed investments Ltd

122. Exertion Force International Ltd

123. Pheuma Nikos Group Ltd

124. Wakanda World Ltd

125. Explorer Dubai Ltd

126. Alruwwad Company Ltd

127. Amazing Grace Labour Services Ltd

128. Afrisky International Ltd

129. Neptune Jobs Ltd

130. Afwan Group Ltd

131. Falcon Manpower Limited

132. Spencer Courts Ltd Recruitment Consultants

133. Ambatt Recruitment Company Limited

34. Cayman Consults Ltd

135. Sipi Contours (U) Limited

136. Impact Recruitment Uganda Agency

137. Golden Star Recruitment Ageney Lt

138. Jerusalem Recruitment Agency Limited

139. Antal International Ltd

140. Nile Treasure Gate Co. Ltd

141. Prime Linkages Ltd

142. Progressive Workers Worldwide

143. Eclipse Labour Masters

144. Sahara Recruitment Ltd

145. King’s Land Agency

146. Triple World Group (U) Ltd

147. Marphie International Recruitment Agency Ltd

148. Aluma Recruitment Ltd

149. Mulcorp Resources Ltd

150. Unique Recruiters Ltd

151. Zion Worldwide Placements Ltd

152. Perla Recruitment Ltd

153. Intercontinental Opportunities Ltd

154. Precision International Labour Connections Ltd

Note 2;

There are hundreds of unlicensed external recruitment companies also operating in Uganda. However, for your safely, you are encouraged to only transact your business with companies in the list above and are approved by the Ministry of Gender.

What are external agencies in recruitment?

Recruitment agencies are external firms that find suitable candidates for employers. They are tasked by employers to find candidates for vacant positions within their organisations to save time and money and access the extended candidate net that a direct advert and company network cannot reach.

How do I register a recruitment agency in Uganda?


  1. Applicant must be registered under the companies Act or Partnership Act of Uganda.
  2. If partners,hip half of the partners must be Ugandans citizens.
  3. The partnership or company must have a minimum of fifty million Uganda shillings as share capital.
  4. Must have a maintaining balance of Shs.