List Of Farms In Uganda

List Of Farms In Uganda

Farm is an area of land and its buildings, used for growing crops and rearing animals.

Here are the List Of Farms In Uganda

Weighbridge Supply Company of Uganda

Accurate Weighing Scales

Electronic Grain Moisture Meters Uganda Limited

Maganjo Grain Millers Ltd.

G.B.K Dairy Products (U) Ltd

Jacob Foods Uganda Ltd

Infinity Farm Uganda

Pearl of Africa Farm

Golden Farms Uganda

JESA Farm Dairy Ltd

Integrated Health-Kwagala Farm

Muyomba Dairy Farm


NBP Farms Ltd

YKB Mixed Farm

Kalambi Mixed Farm

Rosebud Limited Farm

Buwanguzi Modern Farms

Wambaale Community Demonstration Farm


Kyanja Agricultural Resource Centre



Dairy Farm

The Farm Uganda

Mlinza Farms

Agromax (U) Ltd.

Wakiso farm supplies and general hatcheries

HESS Farms Uganda

Passion For Uganda Farm

Canaan Organic Demonstration Farm

Shalom Farm Uganda

Hydroponic Farms Uganda

Bulungi Farm

The Amazing Farm

Nakifuma Farming Company Ltd

Kiwanga Poultry Farm

Watoto Goat Farm Suubi

Naira Poultry farms Uganda Limited

Musubi Farm

Geossy Fish Farming Consults

Kibuga Farm


Tihan Farm Business Enterprise

The Dukes Farm

Jumbo Grace farm

What is the biggest farm in Uganda?

Asili Farms is sitting on 13,500 acres in Western Uganda. Qn: What was the motivation behind joining the agricultural sector that is deemed risky in terms of returns?

What is the most profitable farming in Uganda?

Matooke farming is lucrative

Matooke is one of the staple foods for many Ugandans, and its high prices have made some people resort to other foods! But this presents an opportunity to money savvy people to make extra cash.

Which crop is profitable in Uganda?

Uganda’s key agricultural products can be divided into cash crops, food crops, and horticultural produce. The most important cash crops are coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, and cocoa.