List Of Instrumentation Schools In Uganda

List Of Instrumentation Schools In Uganda

What is instrumentation? Instrumentation is defined as the instruments used in a particular musical composition or in a mechanical apparatus. When a musical piece calls for a piano, a drum and a horn, the piano, drum and horn are examples of the instrumentation.

Here are the List Of Instrumentation Schools In Uganda

Esom School of Music

Directorate of Industrial Training

Makerere University College of Engineering Design Art and Technology

Kampala Music School

What does a instrumentation engineer do?

The Instrumentation Engineer will design and develop new devices and enhance or redesign older devices used to control electronic or mechanical systems.

Is instrumentation a good career?

A career as an Instrument Technician might be a great fit for you. Instrument Technicians are highly skilled technologists. The great news is you can start working in this role with a high school diploma.

What kind of job is instrumentation?

An instrumentation technician will test, calibrate, install and inspect manufacturing equipment and monitoring devices. They will also work alongside electronic engineers or process technicians on the basic design.

Are instrumentation engineers in demand?

“Automation is the buzz word in process industry, and automation is the core job of instrumentation engineers. Hence, the demand for instrumentation will always be there,” says the professor.

The growth in the avionics, aeronautical and space science sectors has also increased the scope for instrumentation engineers.

How do I get a job in instrumentation?

The qualifications to get an instrumentation job depends on the expertise level and complexity of the position.

To become an instrumentation technician, you need at least a certificate or an associate degree in a field such as electro-mechanics, mechatronics, industrial maintenance, or process control.