List Of Irrigation Schemes In Tanzania

List Of Irrigation Schemes In Tanzania

irrigation scheme means an area where crops are grown under irrigation through any method including flood recession; gravity or pump-fed canal systems supplying either surface or groundwater; water harvesting and pressurized systems such as drip and sprinkler.

Public Irrigation Schemes in Tanzania:

  • Manyara Irrigation Scheme.
  • Ruvu Irrigation Scheme.
  • Wami-Ruvu Basin Irrigation Scheme.
  • Lake Victoria Basin Irrigation Scheme.
  • Pangani River Basin Irrigation Scheme.
  • Kilombero River Basin Irrigation Scheme.
  • Rufiji River Basin Irrigation Scheme.
  • Ruaha River Basin Irrigation Scheme.

What are the agriculture schemes in Tanzania?

Irrigation Development Helps Tanzanian Farmers Thrive

These include the Agriculture Sector Development Program (ASDP), the Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project (PADEP), the River Basin Management and Smallholder Improvement Project (RBM SSIP); and the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF).

What is the irrigation policy in Tanzania?

The National Irrigation Act of 2013 gives the National Irrigation Commission a mandate to register all irrigators in the country and to maintain that register, including individual irrigators. Including them will increase the acreage under irrigation. One of the major problems of irrigation in Tanzania is access to land.

What is the national agriculture strategy in Tanzania?

The Goal of the Strategy is to contribute to Tanzania’s national economic growth and poverty reduction (Vision 2025/LTPP) by promoting inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth; reducing rural poverty by 2025/26); improving food and nutrition security (reducing % of rural HHs below the food poverty line by 2025/26).

What is the water sector development plan in Tanzania?

The objective of the WSDP is to alleviate poverty through improvements in the governance of water resources management and the sustainable delivery of water supply and sanitation services. The WSDP is national in scope, encompassing a wide variety of ecosystems and ecological conditions throughout Tanzania.