List Of Judges In Tanzania

List Of Judges In Tanzania

Below is the List Of Judges In Tanzania


Who are the judicial officers in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, a judge is a judicial officer who sits in higher courts only namely the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Judicial officers who sit in lower courts (primary courts, district courts, and resident magistrate’s courts) are referred to as Magistrates.

How many courts are there in Tanzania?

As Tanzania is a federal state composed of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, two high courts exist, one in Zanzibar and one in Tanganyika. The District Courts are the Courts of First instance headed by a magistrate. Currently, there are 206 district courts in Tanzania.

Who is Tanzania’s Chief Justice?

Prof Juma, born on June 15, 1958, became the sixth indigenous chief justice following his appointment in 2021 to replace Justice Mohamed Othman Chande, who retired according to the law. Before his appointment, Prof Juma served as Acting Chief Justice since 2017.

Who appoints judges in Tanzania?

The President of the republic appoints the chief justice and judges, judges of appeal with the advice of the chief justice, and High Court judges with the advice of the Judicial Service Commission. Judges of Appeal and High Court judges have tenure of office until retirement.

Do judges make law in Tanzania?

As the title states, the stand and power of the Judges in lawmaking in Tanzania can be looked at in a narrow way but in a a wider sense, the title also includes the power of the Court because judges cannot make judgments and laws in their homes or in the street but only in the Courts.