List Of Labour Laws In Tanzania

List Of Labour Laws In Tanzania

Below is the List Of Labour Laws In Tanzania

  • Leave. The law requires employers to provide various kinds of leave for their employees.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Notice of termination of a contract of Employment.
  • Severance Payments:

What are the minimum working hours in Tanzania?

Know more about overtime laws in Tanzania. According to the law, your normal working hours per day are 8 hours and these should not be more than 48 hours per week. By including the lunch and prayer time in hours of work, working hours should not be greater than 9 hours a day. Complete our Salary Survey and Win a Wage!

What is the contract of employment law in Tanzania?

Tanzanian labor Law requires that workers should be provided with a written employment contract at the start of employment except those who work less than 6 days in a month for an employer. The employment contract may be of a definite or indefinite period or for a specific task.

How do I terminate my employment contract in Tanzania?

If the party terminating the contract is the employer, must show that he/she has reasons that justify the termination and that the prescribed procedures were complied with. Termination is regarded as fair when is done as per the law or unfair when is done without following what the law calls for.