List Of Medical Doctors In Tanzania

List Of Medical Doctors In Tanzania

An M.D., or Medical Doctor, is by far the most common type of physician. A Medical Doctor is trained for numerous years of college, doing coursework, internship, residency, and clinical practice, and is consequently qualified to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases.

Below is the List Of Medical Doctors In Tanzania

Dr. Fatema Waliji

Rodrick Kabangira


Englibert Mwakayoka

tryphone kagaruki

Dr. Tehsina Mulla

Frank Joshua Ruhazwe

Dr. Curthbert MD, MMed, MSc

Peter Shirima

Fredrik Hammarskjöld

sigifridy Nestory

Debora Madyedye


Onesmo Kisanga

Shaffiq Mohammed

Dr. Torsten Fanselow

Ester Mwamafupa

Ally Kiamba

How many medical doctors are there in Tanzania?

Tanzania had over 96 thousand professionals working in health facilities as of 2018. The country counted, for instance, around 20.8 thousand enrolled nurses, 2.6 thousand medical doctors, 739 medical specialists, and three thousand assistant medical officers.

How many surgeons are there in Tanzania?

There are approximately 400 specialist surgeons in Tanzania (across all surgical specialties, with approximately 150 general surgeons) compared with over 8,000 in the UK.

Medical Doctors In Tanzania Salary

The majority of Generalist medical practitioners earn a salary between TSh423,584 and TSh3,414,109 per month in 2023. A monthly wage for entry-level Generalist medical practitioners ranges from TSh423,584 to TSh978,441.