List Of Non-Union Matters In Tanzania

List Of Non-Union Matters In Tanzania

These are matters looked after by a specific government apart from the union government. These include all matters which are not mentioned above. Among the non-union matters are:

  1. Local government matters
  2. Road maintenance and travel
  3. Agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and other means of livelihood
  4. Trade and small-scale industries
  5. Prison

Why did Zanzibar and Tanganyika unite?

At times during the struggles for national independence, TANU in Tanganyika and the ASP in Zanzibar worked together. The decision of the two countries to amalgamate was a natural outcome of many years of close relationship between the people of Zanzibar and the mainland.

What is the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar?

The United Republic of Tanzania was formed on 26 April 1964 as a result of the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Julius Nyerere became the first President and Sheikh Abeid Karume became the First Vice President and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council.