List Of Petrol Stations In Tanzania

List Of Petrol Stations In Tanzania

Below is the List Of Petrol Stations In Tanzania

Oryx Energies Limited – New Oryx Service Station

Amlate Petrol Station

Aula Investment Co LtdNgaresero Filling Station

BP Great North Service

Camel Oil (T) Ltd – Ngaramtoni Petrol Station

Dinah John Lyimo – Usa River Filling Station

Engen Petroleum (T) LtdMakumira Station

Engen Petroleum (T) LtdMakumira Station

Galaxy Filling Station Limited

Arusha Arumeru Arusha

Gapco Tanzania Ltd – Trans Highway Service Station

Great North Service Station Ltd – Kisongo

Hass Petroleum Ltd – Kwa Idd Petrol Station

Hass Petroleum Tanzania Limited – Kikatiti Petrol Station

Kinyala General Traders

Lake Oil Ltd – Maji ya Chai Petrol Station

Lake Oil Mateves Arusha

Lake Oil Ngaramtoni Arusha

Louis Nathan Mollel T/A Karisian Filling Station

Mariki Enterprises Limited- Camel Oil Maji ya Chai Petrol Station

Munio Petrol Station Limited – King’ori Service Station

Munio Petrol Station Ltd – Maji ya Chai

National Oil Ltd- Tengeru Service Station

Oryx Oil Company. Ltd – Kwangulelo Petrol Station

How many petrol stations are in Tanzania?

As of December 2020, Tanzania counted 1,759 active petrol stations. The number increased around 10 percent, from 1,596 in 2018. According to the source, growth in economic activity and improvement in road networks have been leading to an expansion in the number of petrol stations in the country.

How much does it cost to build a petrol station in Tanzania?

How Much Does It Cost to Start Up Small Petrol Station With ...

Tsh 200 million to 1 billion to set up a petrol station in Tanzania, especially in town areas. Now huge start-up costs are not a barrier to becoming a petrol station business owner.

How much is a litre of petrol in Tanzania?

Tanzania Gasoline prices, 28-Aug-2023

Tanzania Gasoline pricesLitreGallon