List Of Registered Doctors In Uganda

List Of Registered Doctors In Uganda

Below are the Registered Doctors In Uganda

Dr. Ahimbisibwe James

Dr. Wik Sta

Dr. Rukia Abura

Dr. Tuliomwe Ivan

Dr. Ahimbisibwe James

Dr. Andrew Sekitoleko

Dr. Amanya Peter

Dr. Sarah Nakubulwa

Dr. Mudiba Yoweri

How much is a doctor salary in Uganda?

A medical consultant’s pay cheque will bulge to Shs 12,700,000, up from Shs 6,000,000 and a principal medical officer will earn Shs 8,000,000, up from Shs 4,500,000. An enrolled nurse will earn Shs 1,300,000, up from Shs 613,000.

What is the oldest hospital in Uganda?

Mengo Hospital is the oldest hospital in Uganda. It was established by Albert Ruskin Cook in 1897. At the beginning, the hospital belonged to the Church Missionary Society.

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How many years does it take to become a doctor in Uganda?

Training leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) lasts five years. Major examinations are conducted after the first, second and fifth year, with additional evaluations after each clinical rotation.

How many doctors graduate each year in Uganda?

Every year, a combined number of 260 doctors graduate from Makerere, Gulu and Mbarara, Kampala International universities and a few graduate from outside the country.

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