List Of Rock Engineering Schools In Uganda

List Of Rock Engineering Schools In Uganda

The term rock engineering refers to the process of engineering with rock, and especially to creating structures on or in rock masses, such as slopes alongside roads and railways, dam foundations, shafts, tunnels, caverns, mines, and petroleum wellbores.

Find Below Are The List Of Rock Engineering Schools In Uganda

Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers

Kampala International University

Makerere University

Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers Secretariat

Technical Vocational Education and Training

Uganda Technical College-Lira

Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi

What high school subjects are needed for mining engineering?

You will need to have taken the following subjects at high school: English (Home Language or First Additional Language)Pure Mathematics. Physical Science.
Recommended subjects:

  • Information Technology.
  • Engineering Graphics Design.
  • Geography.

How many years course is mining engineering?

4-6 years

The path to becoming a mining engineer typically takes 4-6 years.

If interested in a mining engineering career, proper education is the first step. Some colleges and universities offer mining engineering or geological engineering programmes, but this is rare.

How do you become a rock engineer?

Many rock engineers are graduates in science or engineering, but some have mining diplomas. The legally recognised qualification is the Chamber of Mines Rock Mechanics Certificate, which is administered by Uganda Rock Engineering Universities.