List Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Tanzania

List Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Tanzania

6 Top SME Startups and Companies in Tanzania

  • Makoroboi Mall. Cheap prices for quality products.
  • Zai Veterinary Centre. Dealers in all livestock and agricultural inputs.
  • OUTREACH TRADERS. Smallholder Farmers Credit Profiling Platform for Financial Inclusion.
  • iFayaAfrika.
  • SharpTech.

What are the SMEs in Tanzania?

The game-changing role of SMEs in Tanzania's economy | The ...

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policy (2003) categories SMEs as follows: Micro Enterprises with up to 4 employees or up to Sh5 million investments in machinery; Small enterprises engaging between 5 and 49 employees or with capital investment from Sh5 million to Sh200 million; Medium enterprises that employ.

What is the difference between small and medium enterprises in Tanzania?

A micro-enterprise is defined as a firm with fewer than five employees whereas a small firm is a firm with 5 to 49 employees, medium enterprise is a firm with 50 to 99 employees.

What are the challenges of SME in Tanzania?

Despite all these contributions to socio-economic development, SMEs in Tanzania are characterized by constraints such as very low productivity, poor infrastructure, inadequate power supply, low capital, poor market access, and high prices of inputs (Kazungu, Ndiege, Mchopa, and Moshi, 2014), unfavorable legal