List Of Special Needs Schools In Tanzania

List Of Special Needs Schools In Tanzania

Special needs schools and programs are for kids who have challenges or disabilities that interfere with learning. They provide support that’s not normally provided in general education programs. These schools and programs tailor learning to address each child’s unique combination of needs.

Below is the List Of Special Needs Schools In Tanzania

Schools for the Blind in Tanzania‎

Tabora Deaf-Mute Institute

World Federation Autistic Centre

Kituo Cha Baba Oreste

Kituo Cha Baba Oreste

Al Muntazir Special Need School

3 Zones Autism Center

Fpct Church Uyole

Crown Secondary School

Crown Secondary School

Step By Step Learning C

Radaeli Ainudi

Al Muntazir Special Education Needs School

What is an example of a special school in Tanzania?

The first school for these learners was Tabora Deaf Mute (now Furaha) established in 1963 by the Roman Catholic Church. In the year 1974, the Tanzania Society for the Deaf started the Dar es Salaam School for the Deaf at Buguruni, Dar es Salaam. The Lutheran Church started two special residential primary schools in 1981.

What are the challenges of special needs education in Tanzania?

The challenges include a lack of teaching and learning materials, few trained teachers, teacher attrition, negative attitudes, barriers to information, and an inaccessible environment.

What are the types of education in Tanzania?

Education System in Tanzania

SecondaryUpper Secondary2
VocationalFull Technician Certificate1–3