List Of Trade Unions In Tanzania

List Of Trade Unions In Tanzania

A trade union is an organization made up of members (a membership-based organization) and its membership must be made up mainly of workers. One of a trade union’s main aims is to protect and advance the interests of its members in the workplace. Most trade unions are independent of any employer.

Below is the List Of Trade Unions In Tanzania

Tanzania Teachers’ Union
Trade Union Congress of Tanzania
Zanzibar Trade Union Congress

What trade union is found in Tanzania?

The Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) is the only registered Trade Union Federation in Tanzania, with Registration No. FED 01. It was established in April 2001 and Registered in May 2001 under the Trade Union Act of 1998 and later updated its registration under the Employment and Labour Relations Act 2004.

What is the function of a trade union in Tanzania?

This entails that a trade union is the organized grouping of wage and salary earners with the purpose of bringing to bear the economic and social interests of their members in labor relations and maintaining or improve the employment conditions of their members.

What is the historical background of trade unions in Tanzania?

Attempts to form unions were first made in 1927 in Moshi. Motor drivers and mechanics formed a union, but actual trade unions were officially started in the 1940s and registered under the Employment Ordinance Number 32 of 1932. This could be seen as the second Labour Law enacted in Tanganyika.