List Of Tribes In Tanzania

List Of Tribes In Tanzania

Below is the List Of Tribes In Tanzania


Chaga people


Sukuma people



Sandawe people

Makonde people




Meru people


What tribes are in Tanzania?

  • Sukuma.
  • Maasai.
  • Hadzabe (Hadza)
  • Chaga.
  • Iraqw.

What is the richest tribe in Tanzania?

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Chagga tribe are the wealthiest/richest and most well-organized people in Tanzania. The land and agriculture methods of the Chagga allow for a very dense population. The Chagga people speak Kichagga as their primary language. Their dialect distinctions, the Chagga people can communicate with one another.

What is the oldest tribe in Tanzania?

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The Datoga tribe consider themselves as the oldest tribe in Tanzania (other tribes like the Maasai and the Bushmen also claim this fame). They are characteristically known for keeping to themselves and are a tribe of proud people and fierce warriors known for their stealth ability.

Which is the most educated tribe in Tanzania?

Kichagga is still widely spoken today – most commonly by elders – though it is still understood by all generations even as most younger WaChagga use Swahili as their first language. The WaChagga are known to be among the most entrepreneurial and best educated in Tanzania.