List Of Wildlife Management Areas In Tanzania

List Of Wildlife Management Areas In Tanzania

Below is the List Of Wildlife Management Areas In Tanzania

WMADistrictRevenues from HuntingRevenues from Photographic TourismTotal revenues
1. IKONASerengeti735,510933,0761,668,586
2. BurungeBabati78,2611,189,7851,268,046
3. MakaoMeatu14,861N/A14,861
4. EnduimetLongido117,834132,799250,633
5. RandilenMonduliN/A1332,801332,801

How many game-controlled areas are there in Tanzania?

In terms of wildlife, the present network of wildlife Protected Areas (PAs) in Tanzania is comprised of 15 National Parks, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, 33 Game Reserves, and 43 Game Controlled Areas.

How much is the wildlife management fee in Tanzania?

WMA (Wildlife Management Area) fee– Is the fee for wildlife-controlled areas outside the parks. It has to be prepaid or prearranged in advance. It ranges between $12-$30 per person per day and $6 per vehicle per day.

What are the benefits of wildlife management areas in Tanzania?

Some selected benefits produced by the WMAs include:

Increased protection of areas that are considered ecologically important either as dispersal areas, wildlife corridors or simply important wildlife areas.