Mail Services In Uganda

Mail Services In Uganda

 The system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office. synonyms: mail, post, postal service. types: airmail, airpost. A national mail is one in which the sender and the recipient are inhabited within the same country. International mail is when the recipient and sender of the mail are inhabited in different countries.

Mail Services In Uganda

Courier services and postal services are two distinct types of delivery services. Find out how they differ and when to use each one. Whether your delivery business model is like a postal service or a courier service, deliveries must be made quickly and easily. 2-3 day shipping typically works best with USPS Priority Mail. While FedEx and UPS Ground services offer similar delivery times, USPS typically offers the lowest rates. If a package weighs over 7 lbs or so, though, UPS and FedEx start offering more competitive rates.

Any mail that is physically delivered by the postal service. RFD, rural free delivery. free government delivery of mail in outlying country areas. type of: communicating, communication. the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information. It is useful to have different types of mail service available so that you can use the one that is appropriate for the message or documents you are sending. The factors to be considered when selecting a service are: Cost. Speed.

Email operates across the Internet or other computer networks. The mail or post is a system for physically transporting documents and other small packages, as well as a term for the postcards, letters, and parcels themselves. It uses Electronic address to send or receive messages. Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages (“mail”) between people using electronic devices. Email was thus conceived as the electronic (digital) version of, or counterpart to, mail, at a time when “mail” meant only physical mail (hence e- + mail).

Domestic Mail Services In Uganda

Express Mail. Fastest and most costly.

First Class Mail. Any mailable item weighing 13 ounces or less.

Priority Mail. Any mailable item weighing over 13 ounces but less than 70 pounds.

Bound Printed Matter.

Parcel Post.

Library Mail.

Media Mail.

Cost Of Mail Services In Uganda

The head of business services at Posta Uganda, was quoted as saying that a post mailbox costs 76,000 Ugandan shillings (Shs) for small companies and Shs 120,000 VAT-inclusive for big companies in Kampala. A post box costs Shs 51,000 in the urban areas outside the capital, and Shs 31,000 in rural areas.

Types Of Mail Services In Uganda

First Class Mail. Any mailable matter may be mailed as First Class Mail.

Priority Mail.

Standard Mail A.

Standard Mail B.

Certified Mail.

Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested.

Registered Mail.

Insured Mail.

List Of Mail Services In Uganda

Below Are The Partial List Of Mail Services In Uganda

Uganda Post Office

Plot 35 Kampala Road, Kampala P.O.BOX 7106, KAMPALA, Uganda

+256 41 4255511


 MAIN STREET MUKONO, Kampala, Uganda

+256 31 2210006

Continental Express

Main St, Jinja, Uganda

+256 751 977377


Customer Service Desk, Capital Shoppers Mall, Kampala, Uganda

+256 31 2210006