Mercantile Credit Bank Vacancies 2020

Mercantile Bank shares entrepreneurs’ visionary spirit. With more than 50 years’ of experience, we know what it takes to run a successful business. Our personalised service, tailored solutions, transparent pricing and skilled, experienced and flexible teams can help you grow your business.

Our core focus is on Business and Commercial Banking. We provide a wide range of international and local banking services to professionals. Our Alliance Banking division offers credit card, debit card and payment services to businesses in the financial service industry, while our Treasury division provides customers with a full suite of foreign exchange products.

  • Rated #1 in service for Business and Commercial Banking (Consulta)
  • Won the IFC award for the Best Structured Finance Deal in Emerging Markets for a R240 million securitization transaction
  • Signed a 7-year R740 million loan agreement with the IFC for funding to grow SME lending boo
  • One of only two South African banks to be upgraded (and by two notches) by Moody’s in 2017
  • The only bank in the Middle East and Africa region to win the MasterCard Data Integrity Award three years in a row

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