Most Selling Courses In Uganda

Most Selling Courses In Uganda

  • In this article, discover the full list of Most Selling Courses in Uganda

Below is the full list of Most Selling Courses in Uganda

Medicine. Medicine is the highest-paying and most marketable course in Uganda in 2023 today.

Computer Science or ICT. It’s the second most marketable course in Uganda in 2023. Certainly, you stand to get a high salary, especially when combined with a certification course like CISCO or Oracle. Also, one can combine with the Microsoft certification programs. For example; Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, and many more.


Commerce – Accounting and finance. Likewise, one stands recognized in the job market if he or she combines with a CPA or related certification program.


Civil Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering.

Petroleum and Gas Engineering.

Education, Teaching – arts.

Architecture. And finally,

Agriculture and Forestry.

How long does a certificate course take in Uganda?

2 years

National Certificate in Accountancy and Finance(NCAF)360,0002 years
National Certificate in Business Management(NCBA)330,0002 years
Certificate in Kindergarten & Infant Studies(CKIS)350,0002 years
Certificate in Child Care(CCC)350,0002 years

What are the best-selling engineering courses in Uganda?

When it comes to the highest paying engineering courses, oil, and gas engineering is the best. This course pays up to Ush 20 million per month for people who are lucky to work for oil and gas companies. Another well-paying engineering course is electrical engineering.