NACTE Tanzania Teachers Registration

NACTE Tanzania Teachers Registration

NACTE Tanzania 2023/2024 Teachers Registration


Section 5 (1) (b) of the National Council for Technical Education gives NACTE the power to register technical teachers and qualified technicians teaching in registered and accredited technical institutions in the country.

Requirements for registration as a technical teacher

For teachers to be registered they have to meet/possess certain minimum requirements.

1. Minimum educational qualification:

NACTE standards require that to qualify as a technical teacher one should possess an educational qualification in the relevant subject area at least one level higher than the level he/she is teaching. The educational qualification in the relevant subject area must be evidenced.

2. Teacher training qualification:

In order to qualify as a teacher one needs to have acquired instruction techniques and teaching methodology by attending a teacher training course in the relevant subject area and/or have attended a Competence–Based Education Training (CBET) facilitation course.

3. Ability to teach:

A technical teacher with the ability to teach should possess a range of personal qualities that can operate in the four domains of Teaching/learning space; Institution; Community; and the Teaching profession. In all these domains a teacher will interact with students, colleagues, parents, and employers and should at all the times be expected to maintain high personal qualities for trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, sensitivity, and respect for others’ dedication

4.Good character:

The Council expects all technical teachers to be of good character.

5.Teaching and professional experience:

To qualify for full registration, the teacher will be required to have taught for a minimum period of two years. Practical or professional experience in the relevant subject area will be an added advantage towards registration which can be demonstrated by a range of evidence including: professional development and in-service training; evidence of positive appraisal through increased responsibilities and/or promotion and recent teaching service amounting to the equivalent of a prescribed minimum period of full-time teaching in a comparable institution at appropriate NTA level.

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