Newspaper Companies In Tanzania

Newspaper Companies In Tanzania

Newspaper Business means the business of publishing and distributing (including distributing by electronic means) newspapers, magazines, and other paid or free publications having national, regional, local, or targeted markets, including publications having limited or no news or editorial content such as shoppers.

Newspaper Companies In Tanzania

Below is the list of Newspaper Companies In Tanzania

Citizen: Leading Tanzanian newspaper published by Mwananchi Communications Ltd (MCL).

Daily News: English-language newspaper published in Tanzania owned by the Tanzanian government.

Habari Leo: Tanzanian newspaper published by Daily News Media Group.

Mwanaspoti: Entertainment and sports newspaper based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Bongo 5‎

Global Publishers

Dar 24

MwanaHALISI Online


Zanzi News


Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC)- state-run

Independent Television (ITV)

Star TV

Business Times

IPP Media

Which is the leading newspaper in Tanzania?

Daily News (Tanzania)

How many newspapers are there in Tanzania?

With 257 newspapers, 200 radio stations, 46 TV channels, 474 online TV channels and around 100 news websites at the start of 2022, Tanzania has a rich and dynamic media landscape.

What are the leading media houses in Tanzania?

Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation. Televishini ya Taifa (TVT) TV1 (Tanzania) TVZ (TV Zanzibar)