Nkumba University School of Law Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

An Applicant for admission to the LL.B. Degree Course must have attained one of the following qualifications:-

  1. “A”-Level Certificate of Education with at least two (2) Principal passes and a credit pass in the English language at “O” Level. Qualifications of equivalent standard from other institutions outside Uganda may be acceptable;
  2. ‘O’-Level Certificate of Education; plus a Diploma in Law from a recognized institution of higher Learning.
  3. Mature Age Examination Certificate of Nkumba University.

LL.B Pre-Entry Examination

Eligible Applicants are subjected to a Pre-Entry Examination administered by the School of Law on a fee prescribed by the University authorities before they can fully be admitted. The School sets Pre-Entry Exams for the Applicants. The exam is divided into two parts; namely: written and oral. The students do a two hours written exam supervised by experienced lecturers. The same lectures mark the scripts and award marks based on 50%. Then the applicants undergo an oral exam conducted by teams of lectures. The orals are also based on 50%. The written and oral exams add up to 100%. The Applicant must score at least 50 % of the combined marks of 100% to qualify for admission to the course.

The main reasons for the Pre-Entry exams are mainly to:

  1. test the IQ of the Applicants;
  2. test their general knowledge;
  3. asses their potentials for hardworking;
  4. test that competence in written and spoken English;
  5. weed out exam cheats and document forgers;
  6. interface with the Applicants and measure their mental and physical fitness as well as capability to do the course.