PLE UNEB Final Examination Timetable Released

PLE UNEB 2023/2024 Final Examination Timetable Released

UNEB PLE 2023/2024 Final Examination Timetable Released; Primary Leaving Examinations has released the exams and teaching Timetable for the academic year… Check details below


The time allowed for each paper is shown on the Timetable and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED. In case of any discrepancy, the time shown on the timetable must be taken as correct.
Time for reading through questions is included in the total time shown.
N.B. 1. Calculators are not allowed

  1. Mobile phones are not allowed in and around examination rooms.

These candidates will be allowed 45 extra minutes for each paper.


Your attention is drawn to the instructions below.

Headteachers of P.7 schools are requested to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to bring the following instructions to the notice of the candidates who are to take the examinations this year. Headteachers and P.7 teachers are advised to make sure that the candidates are carefully briefed to follow the instructions. Parents are also encouraged where possible to attend these briefings.

NB: After the briefing, there must be no more teaching/coaching.


The timetable for PLE Practical Tests and Theory for 2024 IS NOT OUT YET


  1. You should arrive at the examination hall/room by 8.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. ready to be identified and checked.

2. Relieve yourself before entering the examination room. You will not be allowed to leave the examination room before the end of the period allocated to the paper, except with special permission of the chief invigilator.

If you are permitted, you should be accompanied and must not take a question paper out of the examination room.

3. Present yourself at the entrance to the examination room/hall for checking by the Chief Invigilator/Invigilator. They have been instructed to check you thoroughly including your pockets, shoes etc.

4. Do not take materials e.g. notes, textbooks, etc into the examination room. Do not get involved in any form of examination malpractice.

5. At the start of each examination, make sure that one of you examines the examination paper
envelope(s) to see if it has/has not been opened or tampered with before. If the envelope(s) is/are opened outside the examination room, report the case straight to the Executive Director, UNEB, P. O. Box 7066, Kampala, Tel: 0312-260753, 0414-699005, 0414- 286173/289399. Mobile: 0772-410878, Fax 0414-289397 and 0312-260752. P.T.O

6. You should attend carefully to the general instructions that are given on the front page of
the question paper, e.g. the time allowed.

7. Do not write the name of your school on the Question Paper. Write the RANDOM Number of your school only

8. You should write your Personal Number and Name clearly as shown on the Computer print
Registers. Do not write a name or Index No. of any other candidate or person as this act
will be regarded as malpractice.

9. Remember that handwriting and spelling will be taken into account. Write your answers
with blue/black ballpoint pens or ink pens. In case your pen stops writing ask the
invigilator to provide you with another pen because work written in pencil will not be marked
except in drawings.

10. If you arrive late, you will be expected to give a satisfactory reason to the Chief Invigilator
before he/she allows you to do the examination. No extra time will be given to you. You
will not be permitted to do the examination if you arrive 15 minutes after the start of the

11. You must NOT take away any unused question papers from the examination room. These
should all be handed to the Chief Invigilators and Invigilators only, and should all be left at
the school with the Headteacher.

12. Do not go out immediately at the end of the examination. Witness the checking and sealing

of the scripts before leaving the examination room.


Please note that breach of the directions/regulations, irregularity, misconduct or dishonesty

(cheating) in connection with UNEB examinations will lead to the cancellation of the results of a candidate or all candidates at a centre. Failure to comply with the instructions above will lead to disqualification from the examination.

Candidates and all concerned persons should report directly to the Board any person (could be another candidate, teacher, headteacher, chief invigilator, invigilator, scout or even a UNEB official) suspected to be indulging in examination malpractice. Use address: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, UNEB, P. O. BOX 7066, KAMPALA. Tel: 0414289397, Email:

The Board will publish the names of all candidates, chief invigilators, invigilators, schools or

anyone who will be found having involved themselves in any form of examination malpractice. When results are released candidates will be able to access their PLE Results through SMS by using the following procedure: Go to the Messages menu, type PLE, leave a space, type the full index number and send to 6600 e.g. PLE 003456/001


Breach of instructions/regulations, irregularity, misconduct or dishonesty (cheating) in connection with UNEB examinations may lead to disqualification or cancellation of results of a candidate or of all candidates at a centre. Any candidate found involving himself/herself in malpractice in the examination may be refused to continue with his/her examination, disqualified, arrested and handed over to the Police. Such a candidate may be barred from sitting any other UNEB examinations. PLE UNEB Examination Timetable Pdf


Where malpractice is suspected, candidates and all concerned will be summoned to appear before the Board.

The following are cases of malpractice that will lead to disqualification, cancellation of results or arrest of a candidate:

1.Smuggling of unauthorized material into the examination room.

2.Copying from one another (collusion), or leaving work exposed such that another candidate can copy from.

3.External assistance given by teachers and/or any other persons.

4.Prior knowledge of examination questions, or confidential advance instructions.

5.Impersonation, i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination or where another person rather than the duly registered candidate sits the examination.

6. Improper behaviour, e.g. making noise, disobeying supervisors and the invigilators, violent behaviour such as attacking or threatening invigilators, disrupting the examination etc. PLE UNEB Examination Timetable Pdf

7.Substitution of examination scripts during or after the examination.

8.Irregularity e.g. taking longer time than that stipulated on the question paper to sit an examination or one candidate using different names.

9.Tearing the answer booklet/script into loose sheets, tearing out any pages of the script or folding the script in anyway. Torn scripts will not be marked and candidates involved may have their results cancelled.

10.Being in possession of a mobile phone or any other communication gadgets.

11.Any other cases of malpractice that shall be detected.

12.Being in possession of books or revision notes while in confinement before Science practicals.

Candidates should report directly to the Board any person (could be another candidate, Invigilator, Teacher or Headteacher) suspected to be indulging in examination malpractice. Use the address: Executive Secretary UNEB, P. O. Box 7066, Kampala.


The Board reserves the right to declare publicly names of centres, candidates or anyone else who will have involved themselves in examination malpractice.

You will be able to access your examination results on a mobile phone as soon as they are released by sending a well formatted SMS as follows: Type “PLE”, leave a space, then type your index number and send to 6600 on networks as will be specified by the Board at the time of release of results. There should be no spaces in the index number. For example, PLE U2769/018.


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