Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management At Kabale University

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management At Kabale University

The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management programme is designed to expand knowledge of individual and group behavior.

This Programme enables participants to develop additional insight into group dynamics, design effective motivation systems for their co-workers, and serve as insightful conflict resolution specialists.

This course aims to assist participants to broaden their perspective in the field of Human Resource Management and development.

There is a general consensus now that capacity building efforts that have long accompanied the development agenda in Africa need re-thinking because they have not produced the desired results. Africa is the only continent that has not registered any significant improvement in development in the last decade in spite of massive capacity building interventions by its governments and development partners.  The following course objectives will be achieved:

  1. To enable learners to acquire knowledge and skills for now and future work-life balance through proper motivation, management and administration of human resources.
  2. To introduce students to the academic discipline that underlies the effective management of the human resources and explores both the theory and practice of human resource management activities.
  3. To enable students have knowledge on how to manage employees’ relations and diversity, collective and individual, retaining commitment through time of change.

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management At Kabale University Entry requirements

Applicants to the Postgraduate Diploma programme must meet the general requirements for admission to Graduate Programmes set by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and Kabale University. Specially, applicants must possess the following:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree with at least lower second-class honors from a recognized institution; OR
  2. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes and at least two principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education(UACE) obtained at the same sitting.
  3. A professional qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized professional body.
  4. Working experience will be an added advantage.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management At Kabale University Course Duration:

It takes 1 year to complete Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management At Kabale University.

Job Prospects After Studying Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Human resources officer

Office manager

Occupational psychologist

Training and development officer

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:


Business adviser

Careers adviser

Civil Service Fast Streamer

Equality, diversity and inclusion officer

Health service manager

Life coach

Management consultant


Operational researcher

Recruitment consultant

Sales executive

Talent agent

Trade union research officer