Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations. A partnership is a form of business where two or more people share ownership, as well as the responsibility for managing the company and the income or losses the business generates.

Procedure For Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

The documents required to be submitted to Registrar for registration of a Partnership Firm are: Application for registration of partnership (Form 1) Certified original copy of Partnership Deed. Specimen of an affidavit certifying all the details mentioned in the partnership deed and documents are correct

Process For Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

Partnership business involves individuals who start business together, share profits and losses based on the ratio of capital injected into the business. With partnership business, both parties bear the responsibilities of running the company; in case of losses, they are all affected. A partnership comprises of  2 to 50 people who share a common vision and interests.

If you want to influence and inspire people, business is the way to go. Partnership is the best business to do when you want to pool resources together and achieve a common goal.

Name search

Before you think of registering a company, ensure that you have at least three names for your company because there are millions of companies registered; the name you have in your mind might be someone’s registered name.

I usually see people presenting a single name for registration and get rejected because it’s being used elsewhere. Having three names will increase the chances of getting the most ideal name for your business-which is not used by somebody.

The domain name should also have some similarities with the title of your company so that you cannot confuse your customers and clients.

Name search can is done at Uganda Registration Services Bureau, where you are required to fill the form given at the institution and pay Ush 2,000 for the process.

Name Reservation

Name reservation process is very simple. Once you have done name search and confirmed that your name is unique; you are required to reserve the name at Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)

Name reservation requires you to pay Ush 2,200 and the payment should be done through the bank.

Once your name is reserved, you are required to complete all the registration requirements within a month, after which your name expires and you are required to pay Ush2, 200 to reserve your name again for another month. If you don’t reserve your name once the one month period elapses then someone can use the name and nothing will happen.

Partnership deed

One difference between Partnership Company and sole proprietorship company is that in partnership a partnership deed is mandatory but with sole proprietorship business you are not required to prepare a partnership deed.

The Partnership deed gives details of your company. The following is a list of what Partnership deed must contain

Name of the company

The names and addresses of the partners.

The nature of the business.
The term or duration of partnership.
The capital contributed by each partner.
The interest to be allowed on capital and charged on drawings.
Rights and duties of partners.
How you will share profits and losses among partners.

Salaries to pay those who will be mandated with the management of the firm.

Settlement of amount on the dissolution of the firm.

The procedures to be adopted in the case of disputes among the partners.

Certificate of Incorporation

This certificate is issued once you have completed the entire registration requirement and you have paid Ush20, 000 at the URSB, which is mandatory. This is the document which will enable you do the business without being accused of violating any legal requirements.

Ensure that you Tax Pin from the Uganda Revenue Authority and also a trading license.

Partnership Forms For Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

Form NumberNameSection
10Statement of intent of conversion of partnerships56
9Application to inspect Statement filed with Registrars55(1)
8Notice of Change in particulars of Liability Limited Liability partnerships51
6Statement for Registration of Limited Liability partnerships48, s50
5Notice of Retirement of a partners39
4Notice of Dissolution of a partnerships39
3Notice of Variation of terms of partnerships21
2Notice of Death of a partners35 (1)
1Notice by a Minor Repudiating the relationship of partnerships11

Office Location For Registration Of A Partnership In Uganda

Uganda Registration Services Bureau

Uganda Business Facilitation Centre Plot 1 Baskerville Avenue, Kololo

Toll Free: 0800 100 006

Call Center: +256 417 338 100

Phone: +256 414 233 219 / 0417338000

Whistle Blower Hotline: 0414673200

WhatsApp: 0712 448 448

Fax: +256 414 250 712 (General Correspondences) (For Enquiries)