Renault Cars For Sale In Uganda


Renault Cars For Sale In Uganda

What is Renault Car?

Renault, a historic mobility brand and leader of electric vehicles in Europe, has always developed innovative vehicles. With the ‘Renaulution’ strategic plan, unveiled in January 2021, Renault has embarked on an ambitious, value-generating transformation.

What is special about Renault cars In Uganda?

Renault is known for its role in motor sport, particularly rallying, Formula 1 and Formula E. Its early work on mathematical curve modeling for car bodies is important in the history of computer graphics.

Is Renault A Good car to buy In Uganda?

In conclusion, Renault are a pretty reliable car brand. They have been consistently dependable over the years and their repair costs are low. When their cars do go wrong, they are also off the road for a short period of time, which further improves their reliability.

How long do Renault engines last In Uganda?

My personal opinion is that almost all engines of the esteemed brands like Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Renault etc. can easily exceed 2 − 2.5 lakhs kms, if the car has not suffered any accidents or major falls. This period can also be extended if the car is well maintained with strict plan of servicing.

Why Renault is so cheap In Uganda?

Because Renault are popular and also quite common cars, it means that their parts are more common and therefore take less time to source. They are also more affordable and therefore this keeps the repair costs low.

What is the price for Renault Car In Uganda?

Renault Duster 2014 Orange

USh 51,000,000

Renault Duster 2015 White

USh 23,000,000

Renault Duster 1.6 2011 White

USh 26,000,000

Renault Duster 2019 Blue

USh 120,000,000

Are Renault cars luxury In Uganda?

Renault did not have large or luxury cars in its product line and the “Rambler Renault” was positioned as an alternative to the Mercedes-Benz “Fintail” cars.

Is Renault fuel efficient In Uganda?

It too comes with a 1.0-petrol engine, giving you an excellent 5.5-litres per 100km in the combined cycle.

Is Renault a good first car In Uganda?

The Renault Twingo gets a big thumbs up as a first car due to it being easy to manoeuvre, compact but spacious, and of course, stylish.

Which Renault is the fastest In Uganda?

Several minutes later the Etoile Filante sets a new land speed record, peaking at 308.85 km/h. Read on as we look back at the history of the experimental car – the Renault missile that proved the world’s fastest car!

Where can I buy Renault Car In Uganda?

Renault Uganda – Merca Limited

Address: 8 Old Port Bell Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 772 586822

Renault Uganda

Address: Plot 2D, Old Port Bell Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Victoria Motors

Address: Plot 5, Port Bell Road/P.O. Box 180 Old Port Bell Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 41 4343364

MOTORCARE Nissan Uganda

Address: Plot 95 Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 31 2238100

Prestige Cars Uganda

Address: Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 705 765705