Requirements For Opening A Pharmacy In Tanzania

Requirements For Opening A Pharmacy In Tanzania

The operation of a pharmacist business (pharmacy) is regulated by law and requires registration. Section 34 of the Pharmacy Act, 2011 directs any person who wishes to open a pharmacy to apply to the Registrar by filling in prescribed forms and paying the fees as per the underlying regulations. Upon fulfillment of the standards, a non-transferable certificate of premises registration and permit to operate the business of a pharmacist are issued.

Superintendent Pharmacist

Each pharmacy must have a superintendent pharmacist who is registered by the Council and possess a valid license to practice.

Professional Fee

A professional fee shall apply to applicants who are engaged in the business of a pharmacist but are not pharmaceutical personnel (pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians, and pharmaceutical assistants) and shall be paid during the registration of business and renewal of permits.

Renewal of Business Permit

Pharmacies must apply for renewal of business permit before 30th June of each year and pay the prescribed annual fee as per The Pharmacy (Fees and Charges) Regulations, GN No. 299 of 2012.

Closure of Pharmacist Business

In case of closure of a pharmacist business, the owner shall notify the Council in writing and the superintendent (responsible pharmacist) must return to the Registrar the original premises registration certificate and business permit. The owner shall provide the Council with written information regarding handling of available stock of medicines in the pharmacy.

Changes of Pharmacy Ownership or any other changes

Section 35 of the Act, requires any pharmacy business owner to notify the Council in writing in case of any change of ownership of business or change of the registered premises.

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How much does a pharmacist make in Tanzania?

The majority of Pharmacists earn a salary between TSh423,584 and TSh3,414,109 per month in 2023. A monthly wage for entry-level Pharmacists ranges from TSh423,584 to TSh978,441.