Second-Hand Phones For Sale In Uganda

Second-Hand Phones For Sale In Uganda

What is Second-Hand Phone?

If you see a mobile for sale advertised as ‘used’, then the likelihood is that it has come straight from the previous owner and is being sold as seen. Any marks, damage, or glitches in performance, that’s what you’re getting.

How can you tell the quality of a second hand phone In Uganda?

Ask The Seller For The Device Purchase Receipt.

Check The Device For Physical Damage.

Ask For The Original Power Brick And Data Cable.

Keep An Eye On The Battery Percentage.

Ask If The Phone Has Undergone Repairs.

Test If All Internal Components Work.

Check How Old The Phone Is.

What to ask when buying used phone In Uganda?

Minimum required specifications (memory, storage, etc.)

Screen size.

Camera quality.

Preferred brand.



Is it safe to use a used phone In Uganda?

The good news: pre-owned, refurbished phones sold directly by manufacturers and major carriers should be safer. Cockerill says buying a secondhand phone from a carrier or a reputable store might have built-in protection, or a safety guarantee.

What is the price for Second-Hand Phone In Uganda?

New Tecno Spark 8 64 GB Black

USh 330,000

Samsung Galaxy S10 128 GB Black

USh 590,000

New Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 512 GB Gray

USh 3,100,000

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 32 GB Black

USh 230,000

Xiaomi Redmi 9C 128 GB Black

USh 290,000

Xiaomi Redmi 8 64 GB Red

USh 360,000

Samsung Galaxy J6 32 GB Blue

USh 220,000

New Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G 256 GB Black

USh 1,200,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128 GB Black

USh 550,000

Apple iPhone 11 128 GB Black

USh 1,350,000

What should I check after buying a phone In Uganda?

Keep the receipt and the box. It’s always smart to keep the box, receipt, and other documentation of your purchase for warranty purposes.

Update the software.

Remove unnecessary apps.

Install useful apps.

Setup your cloud storage.

Protect it with Phone Insurance.

How do you know a phone is original or a copy In Uganda?

Every genuine mobile phone has a serial number to register it to a carrier network. This number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. The IMEI number can be used to verify the legitimacy of a phone. Often counterfeit models won’t have an IMEI number or use a fake one.

What to do after buying a used phone In Uganda?

Check for physical damage on the device body and screen.

Activate the device.

Make a test call.

Check the Wi-Fi connection.

Charge the device.

Take pictures and record a video.

Test audio playback.

How long do used phones last In Uganda?

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, average smartphone life expectancy now reaches 4.7 years. This means if you buy a year-old phone, you could expect to use it for a few more before performance noticeably suffers.

How many years a phone can survive In Uganda?

Some devices can even last upwards of five years if treated gently. However, you might start noticing a decline at around the three-year mark. It’s usually at this point that your hardware becomes outdated, with no new operating system updates from developers.

What are the best Second-Hand Phone In Uganda?

Essimu Uk used phones

Address: floor, shop number B118, Kisakya Maria arcade, Ground, William St, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 756 922058

Used Samsung & Iphone store Kampala

Address: William St, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 788 063230

Roll Used Second Hand Phones

Address: Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 708 625772

Mobileshop Uganda

Address: Mapeera House, City plaza ,Kampala Road Directly Opposite City Square, Between Dfcu And, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 709 744874

SIMI Mobile Uganda

Address: Plot 20,Radiant House,Ground Floor, Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 787 265058

Genuine Gadgets Uganda

Address: Mutaasa Kafeero Complex, Burton St, Plaza, Uganda

Phone: +256 703 926608



Phone: +256 783 182555