Silage Cutter For Sale In Uganda

Silage Cutter For Sale In Uganda

What is Silage Cutter?

For good quality silage at an acceptable yield, cut just before heading. Similarly, although it might be tempting to cut low as this increases yield, the stem base is the part of the plant with the lowest digestibility. So again, overall quality will be improved by cutting higher.

Why do you cut silage In Uganda?

Silage should be mowed during fine weather to ensure the sugar levels have peaked for the day. There should also be no morning dew on the crop as this will decrease the DMD. By allowing the crop to wilt, it will further increase the sugar content of the crop.

Does rain affect silage In Uganda?

Wet or water logged areas increase the risks of soil contamination in the silage. Consider not cutting until the weather is drier, or if that is not an option, look into cutting and removing, not ensiling. Consider baling these areas, a preferable option to avoid risk of contaminating the entire silage clamp.

What is the best time of day to cut silage In Uganda?

Try to mow in late afternoon, when both the sugars and dry matter levels of the grass are at their peak. A fast wilt of 24-48 hours depending on mower type and weather conditions is best. Avoid delay in harvest especially as there is a high quality penalty associated with lodged crops.

What is the price for Silage cutter In Uganda?

Silage Cutter Machine

USh 3,200,000

How much is silage in Uganda In Uganda?

“We sell a kilo of loose silage at sh350, but the price is a little higher on the retail market. Ngambwa advises that during preservation, one should properly manage the silage to maintain the quality and attract a good, sustainable market. Prime Agro Uganda Limited produce one of the best silage in the country.

How do you make good quality silage In Uganda?

Decide on silage quality needed.

Cut at the right growth stage:

Do not sacrifice quality for bulk.

Do not wait ‘for Nitrogen to leave the crop.

If in doubt, test sugars.

Wilt for a day.

Choose additives based on need

Reduce post-harvest losses.

What keeps silage from spoiling In Uganda?

High acetic acid is effective at inhibiting yeasts and molds that spoil silages in the presence of oxygen. Acetic acid is the primary means by which inoculants containing Lactobacillus buchneri improve aerobic stability.

Where can I buy Silage cutter In Uganda?

One-G Power Tools

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Asper Machines & Agri Tools Uganda

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Musa Body Machinery (U) Ltd

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Agroking Uganda Limited

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Wood Machinery Ltd

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Animal brands & equipment supplier

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VanTech Agri Solutions Ltd

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China Huangpai Food Machines Uganda

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