St. Augustine International University Job Vacancies 2020

St. Augustine International University is unique. The role  of university education is to prepare people for what they need now: practical   and  technical   skills   for   today and  the  foreseeable  future.  But  what  of the unforeseeable future? The role of a university is to nurture curious minds, teach young people how to think and give them the confidence to use their minds to enhance their lives and society as a whole and to become wealth multipliers.

We believe that St. Augustine University is positioned to nurture people with the confidence that comes from having exceptional, enquiring minds,  who are well qualified in disciplines that they will love and have a better chance than others of foreseeing the future. We are pleased that we continue to focus on the key areas that will transform Uganda.

Vacancies At St. Augustine International University

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(+256) 755 979 790

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PO Box 88 Kampala, Uganda. Bunga Hill Gabba Road.