Stefano Moshi Memorial University College SMMUCO Courses Offered

Stefano Moshi Memorial University College SMMUCO Courses Offered

The following is the list of available undergraduate, certificate, and diploma courses/programmes offered at the Stefano Moshi Memorial University College (SMMUCO) that has been approved by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).


  • Certificate in Journalism
  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Certificate in Secretarial and Office Management
  • Certificate in Accounting and Finance
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • Certificate in Procurement and Supplies Management
  • Certificate in Law
  • Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Microfinance
  • Certificate in Tour Guiding and Tourism Studies


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Bachelor of Education in Arts(Arts)
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management(Hospitality and Tourism Management)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development(Community Development)
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance(Accounting and Finance)


  • Diploma in Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  • Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial Studies(Office Management and Secretarial Studies)
  • Diploma in Accountancy(Accountancy)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Diploma in Law(Law)
  • Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism(Hospitality and Tourism)
  • Diploma in Procurement and Material Management(Procurement and Material Management)
  • Diploma in Education (Education)

Interested applicants for admission should visit the application portal to complete the online application or visit the university website to download the application form.