Storeyed Houses For Sale In Uganda

Storeyed Houses For Sale In Uganda

What is Storeyed House?

A two story home is a residential building that has two floors. The second floor is usually used for the bedrooms and the ground floor serves as an entrance hall, living room and dining area. A one story house on the other hand is a residential building with only one floor with all rooms on the same level.

What materials are used for multi storeyed houses In Uganda?

Solution. We will use the following material for building a multi-storeyed house: Iron/Cement/Mortar/Bricks.

How to design a multi-storey building In Uganda?

Access and circulation.

Fire safety and evacuation.

Structural design.


External air movement.

Shading, views and right to light.

Construction methods.

Access for maintenance and cleaning.

What is the price for Storeyed House In Uganda?

The total cost of building a Storeyed House can also vary quite a bit depending on the choices you make, the building materials you use, labor costs and even what region of the country you’re in. Though UGX 1039773557.26 is the average, most Storeyed House spend UGX 420658586.12 – UGX 1660490735.64 to build their Storeyed Houses.

How many storeyed buildings are there In Uganda?

Mid-rise buildings have five to ten storeys and are equipped with lifts. High-rise buildings are considered to have more than 7-10 storeys. Skyscrapers have 40 storeys or more. Super-slender buildings are pencil-thin and of 50-90+ storeys.

Why is it that the narrator and her husband built a single storeyed house In Uganda?

The narrator and her husband built a single storeyed house to avoid having to climb stairs and suffer from leg pain when they become older.

What are the advantages of multi storeyed buildings In Uganda?

Multi Storey buildings are popular as they are compact and save space. The buildings have the ability to accommodate more people in a vertical structure. The buildings are lit and airy as compared to other buildings.

Which floor is best in multi-storey building In Uganda?

Property surveys show that lower floors in a high-rise building have better rental returns and also resale value, and thus are the best floors for investment purposes.

What is the conflict in the story the storeyed house In Uganda?

Answer: The conflict for the whole story is for not building a storeyed house, as Bayaji was a Dalit by caste so he was’nt allowed to build a storeyed house. But the turning point seen in the story is that Bayaji’s son at last built two storeyed house to fulfill their father’s wish.

Where can I buy Storeyed Houses In Uganda?

Real Estate Database (RED)

Address: Office #8, Plot 24, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, Bifro House, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 705 162000

Walisa Property Agency

Address: Rofra House, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 701 966945

Spectrum Real Estate Solutions and Property Management Uganda

Address: Old Kira Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 709 220000

Knight Frank Uganda Ltd

Address: Plot 21 Yusuf Lule Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 752 741391

Posh Properties Ltd

Address: Plot 301 Kira Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 774 755146