SUMAIT University Courses Offered

SUMAIT University Courses Offered

The SUMAIT offers courses and programmes leading to the awards of certificates, diplomas, and degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With this Post, you will get to know at Courses offered at SUMAIT into Undergraduate, PhD,Ā Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificates.


  • Bachelor of Arts with Education
    • English and Geography
    • Kiswahili and Geography
    • Arabic and Geography
    • Arabic and History
    • Kiswahili and History
    • Islamic and History
    • English and History
    • Islamic and Geography
    • History and Geography
    • Arabic and Kiswahili
    • Arabic and English
    • Arabic and Islamic
    • English and Islamic
    • English and Kiswahili
    • Kiswahili and Islamic
    • Counseling and English
  • Bachelor of Science with Education
    • Physics and Mathematics
    • Chemistry and Biology
    • Physics and Chemistry
    • Computer Science and Mathematics
    • Chemistry and Mathematics
    • Biology and Geography
    • ICT
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Computer Science
    • Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Counseling Psychology


The University awards the following Certificate Program:
Basic Technician Certificate (NTA Level 4)

  • Certificate In Computing And Information Communication Technology
  • Certificate In Business Information Technology
  • Certificate In Office Administration

The University awards the following Diploma Programs:
Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 5 + 6) 

  • Ordinary Diploma In Computing And Information Communication Technology
  • Ordinary Diploma In Business Information Technology
  • Ordinary Diploma In Office Administration
  • Diploma In Secondary Education Examination (DSEE)
  • Ordinary Diploma In Education Arts
  • Ordinary Diploma In Education Science

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